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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Labor of Love

"You're Crazy" is something I hear pretty often. Usually followed up by "you're so busy".
I do my best (and usually fail)not to let those statements hurt me or annoy me. My life is my life and no one else really needs to be concerned with my schedule.
I will admit that I sometimes take on a little more than I can handle. I've learned over the years how to juggle my schedule.  I think I am getting pretty good at it!
I am currently working on a fundraiser project that has earned a lot of "you're crazy" comments. I developed "Cookies For A Cure" a number of years ago. It's not an actual business. No business cards or business bank account. It is simply a title to mass cookie making and selling to raise money for something I care about.
I believe in God. I believe He gives each of us talents and we are given a choice on how to use them. Do I believe God has given me the talent of baking? It may sound ridiculous but I truly believe He did. It is a skill I have learned over time and I believe He has placed the desire in my heart to use it for a bigger purpose.
My current "Cookies For A Cure" project is definitely a labor of love. Although 80+ dozen cookies seem overwhelming to others, I find it exciting and humbling. I am thankful I am able to help a deserving family. I spend hours and hours baking, making royal icing, coloring royal icing, thinning the icing, filling the cookies with the icing and waiting for them to dry before I add the details. I absolutely love every moment of that. But the dishes... I don't love the dishes. I simply deal with them as quickly as possible.
Do you have a project that can you consider a labor of love? Surely I cannot be the only "crazy" one out there...

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Sarah G said...

I am SO proud of you.