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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrift Storing

I can't say I have ventured into many thrift stores in my life. I think there were a couple scattered trips during High School to look for Halloween Costumes or something of the like but beyond that they have been out of sight, out of mind.

I have a dear friend that find the best deals on clothes for her kiddos and super duper inexpensive stuff to satisfy her craving for crafts and creating. Every time she blogs about a good deal, it gives me tingles. Don't Judge me. You see, coupons and sales and % off and double coupons and clearance and free things make me happy. I'm getting all worked up over it this very minute!

OK... breathe...

So yesterday I met up with Jessica and 4 of my favorite little ones for some delicious Alaskan Mochas and soaking up some Vitamin D at the park. Between gulps and slurps of amazing frozen coffee, we got caught up on life and talked about crafts etc. She makes the most adorable fabric flowers! She was planning a trip to the Thrift Store after our park adventure and invited me to tag along.

I had no intention of purchasing anything but I knew I still needed to get a couple items for a baby shower this coming weekend. Lucky for me I found the things I needed at the Thrift Store. A basket($0.59) to hold party favors and a tea cup and saucer set ($1.99) that will be used as a serving platter. Apparently Wednesdays are 50% off days so I spent a whopping $1.43 on my items. I'm pretty excited about it. Maybe too much.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Name Game and a Giveaway

Ok soo here's what I want... a new name for my blog. I am working on a full blog makeover. It will take time though.

 What I am hoping for:
1) Legit name options. Things that represent me, my faith, my job, my hobbies ... things along those lines.
2) LOTS of options

After the ideas are given, I will post a poll on my blog for you, the faithful few, to vote on. I know this doesn't sound super exciting (yet) but the person that comes up with the winning name, will also win a prize: A homemade gift, from me to you. A Big ole THANKS! How does that sound?

So make sure you put your name and email address when you add the comment with your name idea.
*** Please make comments on blogger only, not facebook. It is too hard to go back on facebook and see who left comments.*****

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Little Bit of Change

You may or may not have noticed that I changed the look of my blog. It is still a work in progress. Truth be told, I don't really know what I am doing. I can peruse the basic layouts that blogger offers and click " add to blog" no problem. The thing is, I don't really love any of the backgrounds offered. Oh well. I will keep looking.

Something I've wanted to do for a while is change the name of my blog from "Adventures in Shannon". I want something that expresses who I am. Not just the baker in me or the dispatcher or my faith but something that encompasses all that I am.

Sadly, I am drawing a blank. So I come to you, my faithful few, to help me rename my blog. Leave a comment with your suggestions. After a little bit of time, I will choose my top 5 choices and have all of you vote on it.

And if anyone out there knows how I can venture from the very limited selection of blogger templates/backgrounds, please please puhhleeease let me know!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sometimes in Life...

Sometimes in life things happen that kind of rock you. They make take a look at all you have in your life and remember that a bad day is simply that, a day.

I recently stumbled upon a blog and her husband passed away suddenly. She encourage everyone to make a Peanut Butter Pie in his honor and the blogging community stepped up and honored Mikey. (Please take a moment to follow that last link to see everyone that paid tribute. I hope it touches your heart like it did mine)
She has touched my life. I am so sad for her. It made me realize, even more, how precious life is. I cannot imagine losing Jared. The very thought makes my heart pound and tears fill my eyes.

Last month my fire family lost a dear friend. I can't believe it has been just a little over a month. It feels like yesterday but also a lifetime ago. So many people are still hurting and they are walking around in a fog.

A yound married couple I know is really struggling. One willing to throw in the towel while the partner fights with every bit of strength they have. They aren't communicating well and it is putting a huge strain on the relationship.

A friend is having to make a very difficult decision about a relationship in their life. Walk away or stay? Both options are very painful but which one is the best choice?

Three friends have just announced their pregnancies. They are all nervous, excited and occasionally puking. It is an exciting and joyful time. I am so happy for each of them!

Through all of these things, all of them have remained hopeful and positive. They remember all they have and all that is yet to come. Although I am sad for some of  them, I find each of them so encouraging. They've reminded me how much I have and how blessed I am by the many wonderful people in my life.

I may not get to see my friends every day (or even talk to them) but they are still there. They always will be. I have a best friend that is beautiful, talented and has the most precious kids but we get very few days together. Regardless of time, we are in eachother's hearts and minds always. I love her and my life wouldn't be the same without her. I have a friend that emails me weekly to talk about life, God, the future etc. Even if we talk about the same things every week, I look forward to the emails. Some friends only contact me via facebook and thats how we keep up on eachother's lives. There are friends from high school and college that are always on my heart. Sweet people that I care about and know my life is better just by having them in it.

My family lives no more than 10 minutes from me but we don't get much time together. It stinks sometimes but that just makes our time together that much sweeter. No matter the time, day, place or specifications of the need, they will always be there for me and they will always drop what they are doing to help me or someone else. They bring a richness and a fullness to my life.

I have an incredible man in my life that would do anything for me and I for him. We've been learning alot from our Love Dare Devotional. We are communicating better, learning to be more patient and take everything one day at a time. He has a family that is wonderful and I love them. I couldn't ask for better (future) in laws.

I am blessed beyond measure. I am so very thankful. I love my life and I cannot thank God enough for all of you that are part of it.