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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrift Storing

I can't say I have ventured into many thrift stores in my life. I think there were a couple scattered trips during High School to look for Halloween Costumes or something of the like but beyond that they have been out of sight, out of mind.

I have a dear friend that find the best deals on clothes for her kiddos and super duper inexpensive stuff to satisfy her craving for crafts and creating. Every time she blogs about a good deal, it gives me tingles. Don't Judge me. You see, coupons and sales and % off and double coupons and clearance and free things make me happy. I'm getting all worked up over it this very minute!

OK... breathe...

So yesterday I met up with Jessica and 4 of my favorite little ones for some delicious Alaskan Mochas and soaking up some Vitamin D at the park. Between gulps and slurps of amazing frozen coffee, we got caught up on life and talked about crafts etc. She makes the most adorable fabric flowers! She was planning a trip to the Thrift Store after our park adventure and invited me to tag along.

I had no intention of purchasing anything but I knew I still needed to get a couple items for a baby shower this coming weekend. Lucky for me I found the things I needed at the Thrift Store. A basket($0.59) to hold party favors and a tea cup and saucer set ($1.99) that will be used as a serving platter. Apparently Wednesdays are 50% off days so I spent a whopping $1.43 on my items. I'm pretty excited about it. Maybe too much.

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