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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Name Game and a Giveaway

Ok soo here's what I want... a new name for my blog. I am working on a full blog makeover. It will take time though.

 What I am hoping for:
1) Legit name options. Things that represent me, my faith, my job, my hobbies ... things along those lines.
2) LOTS of options

After the ideas are given, I will post a poll on my blog for you, the faithful few, to vote on. I know this doesn't sound super exciting (yet) but the person that comes up with the winning name, will also win a prize: A homemade gift, from me to you. A Big ole THANKS! How does that sound?

So make sure you put your name and email address when you add the comment with your name idea.
*** Please make comments on blogger only, not facebook. It is too hard to go back on facebook and see who left comments.*****


Valerie Smith said...

Kings Korner
Fire in Your Heart
Hearts of Fire
A call for rescue

Lori B. loribeckmann@aol.com said...

Dis-batch of Cookies

I keep wanting to say Kitchen of Fire or some other version but that just sounds like you can't cook lol

Lori B. said...

I thought of another one


Melissa said...

Okay, I have to say, all of these are way better than any I would've came up with. Dis-batch of Cookies is my fave!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of the song "Sweetest Days" by Vanessa Williams. Maybe something in the lyrics will strike a cord with you.

- Jessica King

Crystal said...

Haha! I love "dis-batch of cookies"! maybe "dis-patch" to help get the point across more?

Everytime I think of a good one, I google it to see if it's taken and it is :( i'll keep thinking tho!