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Friday, May 25, 2012

The 50/50 Plan: Update

I am pretty happy with this week's results. I've been a good girl all week. Eating right, tracking my food/calories and continuing my running. One more week until the Half Marathon... holy crap!

Starting weight: 182.8
New weight: 179.5
Weekly loss: 3.3 lbs!!!!!
Total loss: 16.5 lbs.

Yes.. I'm stoked!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The 50/50 Plan: Update

I can't believe how quickly the month of May has gone by! Or that it has been 3 weeks since I posted an update.

At he beginning of the month Imentioned doing a few challenges like The Shred and The Arms Challenge from Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. I started out the month pretty good but as Half Marathon training increased, my dedication to those challenges decreased.

I decided to forget about the challenges for this month and focus on my running and my training plan. I don't feel one bit guilty because I am still working out. I've been doing great on tracking my food though. Honestly I am pretty proud of that fact. Tracking calories and logging your food can be pretty tiresome. I started using MyFitnessPal to track my food and I love it. The App on my phone makes it super easy to quickly add your food. The data base seems to be pretty big too. I've found just about everything on there.

So here's where I am at:

Starting Weight as of 5/11 :184.2
Current Weight: 182.8
Difference: -1.4
Total loss: 13.2

It is going a lot slower than I had hoped and I am not quite averaging a pound per week yet but I am losin gand that is the most important thing! I will remain positive and stay focused on my goal Here's to another fantastic week!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Blankets

Front of the Brochure
I tell you what, "Blankets For Brianna" has completely captured my heart. I love making blankets for the organization. I am constantly thinking about other colors and designs I can do.

Crocheting blankets definitely takes some time. Depending on the pattern/size it can take weeks. I've made a few fleece tie blankets but they have always been with two pieces of fabric. I noticed some of the ladies were mentioning tie blankets with only one piece of fabric. I googled the "how to" and realized it is incredibly easy and quick!

1) Measure the fleece to the size you want
2) cut a 2in x 2in square out of each corner
3) Cut 2in strips along each side of the fabric. It shouldn't go past the bottom of each cut out corner
4) Cut a small slit in the bottom of each strip you just cut. It should line up with the bottom of the cut out corner and the end of the strip.
5) Take each strip, put it through the slit and pull it through.

I hope that makes sense! It really is very very easy. I bought 3 pieces of fleece.

I got  1.5 yards of each pattern. I thought I could make 6 blankets total out of the 3 pieces. When I started measuring I realized I could make 12 blankets total!

I finished another crocheted blanket as well.

When I dropped off my blankets to my friend, Becki, I had made a total of 17 blankets. 12 fleece and 5 crocheted. It does drive me batty bug me just a little that it was 17, not 18. I like even numbers. I know, I have issues. Good thing you love me anyway!

OH and I got a few brochures for "Blankets For Brianna" in the mail the other day! I love them. Let me know if you'd like one so you can spread the word about this amazing organization.

Happy Birthday Maci!

My friend's baby girl, Maci, turned 1 on may 6th. She's an adorable little girl. I just love her to pieces!! I was privileged enough to make her very first birthday cake. For first birthdays I always make a small cake just for the birthday kid. That way they can smash, smear, drool and eat all they want withouth sharing. I try to be kind to the parents though...white or light colored frosting :). I think she enjoyed her cake...

 I wasn't sure how the cow print and the "Cow Jumped Over the Moon" theme would work together. Sometimes you just have to jump in, do it and hope for the best. I actually really love how the cake turned out. One of my favorites.
My fondant animals need some work. He's quirky cute.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tyler is 2!

My youngest nephew turned 2 on April 22nd. I love his cheesy little smile and that he's figured out how to say my nickname "tee tee".

He's such a sweet little guy and always ready with hug. Unless he's in the mood to tease you. Then he gets a big smile and shakes his head no when you ask " can I have a hug?".

The day of his party was seriously the hottest day in April. The older kids had a great time shooting each other with squirt guns. They had even more fun shooting the adults and surprising them.

 And of course i had the honor of making his birthday cake...

Boot Drive 2012

Each April members of the fire service in San Diego County line the streets to raise money for the San Diego Burn Institute.

The annual "Give Burns the Boot" drive has always been a huge success. This year I joined my brother, Brian, and his fire fighters in Jamul. It was the same intersection we were at last year. Unfortunately the school at the corner was on Spring Break so the traffic was a lot lighter this year. last year we raised about $3200 at our intersection alone. This year was about $2000. Still pretty awesome! All together, CAL FIRE raised about $25,000 for the Burn Institute. I'm not sure how much the other fire agencies in the county raised.

All of the money goes towards sending burn survivors to "Camp Beyond the Scars". It was a great morning. The guys were especially excited for the coffee and blueberry muffins I brought them.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dispatcher Appreciation/Recognition Week

Every year there is a week set aside to honor Emergency Dispatchers and the job they do. It is usually the second full week in April.

I don't talk about my job and its stresses very much. I try to spare my friends and family the details of all we go through.

Let's be real though.. it is a hard job. Sure, I sit there for 12 hours and that doesn't seem tough but that's all we get to do. Our job is to wait for the next 911 call. There is no running to the store, walking outside, working out etc. We are there in that room for 12 hours. Especially at night.

We are the first people that the caller talks to. We are their link to hope when their world is spinning out of control. They are angry at us, scared, frustrated, thankful people. We are asked constantly "why aren't they hear yet?". Every time they ask that I want to say "I wish they were already there too".  We hear people beg their loved ones not to die. We hear teenagers that have been in car accidents screaming for their friends to wake up. You don't forget those voices. Sometimes we are the first to hear a new baby cry. It has only happened twice in my career but those are sweet, precious sounds that I love. We have to figure out where you are when you have absolutely no clue. Remember the 911 call that was released in the media last month where the guy shot his girlfriend (by accident) with a cannon. That was a 911 call that I took. The female voice on the line? That is me.

We listen to multiple radio channels and answer in a timely manner. All of us have side projects too. Soon I will be training to review our medical calls to make sure we remain at the national standard. We have to worry about getting every call out in 60 seconds or less and face the ramifications if we drop below that. We have to remain CPR certified and have 24 hours of medical dispatching training per year. We have mandatory ride alongs with Battalions Chiefs so we are familiar with the areas we dispatch for. We are called in in a moments notice when there is a large fire or event. We go to training exercises, work a lot of overtime behind vacations and have meetings.

All this being said... I LOVE my job. I work with 8 other incredible dispatchers. It is the most difficult and rewarding job I've ever had and I am so thankful God opened the door for me to do this job. In honor of Dispatcher Week, I made everyone in the office a mini loaf. Some Banana nut and some Orange Cranberry. They loved it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Easter Celebration

I am not sure where the month of April  went!!! Easter was almost a month ago? How is that even possible?

We gathered at Jimmy and Jessica's house for a massive feast, gigantic Easter Egg Hunt and to Celebrate Jimmy turning... older... and my niece, Alissa turning 14.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

It was a beautiful day full of family and friends. The kiddos went crazy over the 250 eggs we hid for them. making them Easter Baskets and stuffing Easter Eggs for them never gets old.

Ducks Vs. Sharks Hockey Game

Back in March Jared and I gifted my brother, Jimmy, with a ticket to the Anaheim Ducks vs San Jose Sharks hockey game. Jared and I are Ducks fans and well... Jimmy is a Sharks fan. Have no fear, we are still praying for him!

Jimmy, my sister in law Jessica, Jared and I went to Bucca Di Beppo for dinner before the game. We told them it was Jimmy's birthday (because we were up there celebrating it). Jimmy thought he'd got off scott free when the waiters brought over a huge candle stick and started singing...

Usually this type of embarrassment is followed by a free dessert. Cannoli? Tiramasu? We were excited. Until no dessert came. Oh well.It was a delicious dinner. The game was great. Especially because the Ducks beat the Sharks. Again. For the 4th or 5th time in the season. Jimmy and Jessica enjoyed their first live NHL Hockey game and we are definitely going to do it again next season!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 50/50 Plan: Update & May Challenge

Happy May Day everyone! It is a new month and I am ready for a new challenge. Let's recap on April though...

At the beginning of April I set out on a couple different challenges. You can read about that here.

I didn't do great. I made it through about half the month before I started slacking off and not making the time. I was busy, worked a lot, focused on my running. BUT, those are just excuses. I didn't make the time I needed to.

This will not be the case in May. My work partner, Ali, and I have teamed up. We are going to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. We were going to do it for 30 days straight but agreed that a rest day is super important. We are also going to faithfully log our food for 30 days. We both downloaded the My Fitness Pal App on our Blackberry phones.

Our reward: NEW PURSES!!!!! I've had my eye on a new purse for a while. What's been stopping me? It is $100. I n.e.v.e.r. spend that kind of money on a purse. I usually stick around the $20 mark. Unfortunately they haven't been lasting that long. I've had my current purse for maybe 3 months and the seems are already stressed and frayed. So this will be my rewards. If we miss one day, we are out. Talk about incentive to get the job done right!

So here are my updated #s:

April 14: Starting Weight: 183.8
              New Weight: 184.0
              Difference: +.20 lbs

April 21 Starting Weight: 184.0
             New Weight: 185.7
             Difference: +1.7lbs

April 28 Starting Weight: 185.7
             Current Weight: 184.7
             Difference: -1.0 lbs

Total Weight loss: 11.3 lbs

As you can see, not a stellar weight loss month but that is totally ok! I still had accomplishments during the month and I am happy with that!

This month I will start taking measurements so I can track how many inches I am losing. The scale may not be going down but my clothes are definitely fitting better. I know I am behind on the 1 pound a week but I am confident I will catch up.