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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The 50/50 Plan: Update

I've been trying to space out the updates so I don't bore my readers to tears. I'm sure one of the last things you want to read are my ramblings about weight loss and fitness. This is mostly a journal for myself so I can look back on my journey. If I inspire people along the way, even better!

I haven't really done much running since the half marathon. I think I have gone twice. I've done my best to let me knee injuy rest and heal. I am happy to say it felt great while I was on the stair stepper tonight at work! I am ready to hit the pavement again.

The weight loss has been slow but consistent. Overall I am very happy with the numbers.

Starting weight 5/25/12: 179.5
Weight as of 5/31: 180
                    Difference: + .50 lbs
Weight as of 6/9: 179.3
                    Difference: -.70 lbs
Weight as of 6/15: 177. 5
                    Difference: -1.8 lbs
Weight as of 6/22: 175.3
                    Difference: -2.2 lbs

Total Weight Loss overall: 20.7 lbs!

I'm almost half way and I am about 3 pounds away from the weight I was when I met Jared. Feels great to be back!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Pictures

Friday at the expo:
Abby signing up for the Las Vegas Half Marathon

Saturday Night Pre-Race Dinner:

Katie lives on the East Coast so she was with us in spirit

Back: Missi and Abby
Front: Me and Kari

Race Day:

The Runners...

  My family and friends:
My love. He's been so incredibly supportive during my training!

My youngest niece, Peyton. She was pretty proud of her auntie!
This is my favorite picture. We didn't purposely make funny faces but that's how it ended up. Hilarious!

My Parents

One of my big brothers. The other one couldn't make it but he was there in our hearts.

Kaelah, me, Mindi. Mindi's mom has leukemia. I ran part of my race in her honor.

My sis in law ,Katie. Her sister Kayla had Lymphoma. I ran my race in honor of Kayla too.

My sweet friend, Summer. I've known her since 3rd grade.

Jared's family came too!
Jared's Mom and I

Homemade signs for Auntie Shannon:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rock N Roll Half Marathon

I did it!!!! I ran my first half marathon!

On Friday Abby and I went to the expon to pick up our race packets. We had a good time checking out all of the booths and merchandise.

Saturday evening Abby, Kari, Missi and I went out to dinner to the California Pizza Kitchen. Delicious! I love carb loading! Our friend , Katie, lives on the East Coast but we had her there in spirit.

My hotel wasn't stellar. The room was nice but lacked a microwave eventhough on their website they said every room has one. The shuttle to the start line was full. Imagine my surprise when I found that info out during check-in. The person making my reservations in March failed to mention a separate reservation had to be made for the shuttle. Thankfully a very nice person checking in cancelled her husband's spot on the shuttle (he wasn't running the race) so I could have it.

Race day I woke up bright and early at 415. I got on the shuttle no problem and to the start line. On the shuttle I met a woman that is a "Legacy" runner. Meaning she has run in all 15 of the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathons. It was her 65th marathon over all. Her goal is to run her 70th Marathon on her 70th birthday in August. Pretty amazing!!!

I met up with Abby and Kari at gear check and everything became real. It was happening! Kari went ahead to her start corral while Abby and I waiting in a very long line to use the restroom.  Running has broken many of my germaphobe rules. At races there are only porta potties. YUCK.

The waves went a lot faster than we thought they would. We projected our start time to be around 7:03am but we started at 6:50am. Abby and I stayed together for the first mile but then went at our own pace. I knew I had to leave her early or I would want to stay with her for a long time. I love running with Abby. I am comfortable with her and the pace we run together. I needed to get into my own pace early. This day, the half marathon was mine and mine alone.

I was feeling so good through most of the race. My pace stayed mostly in the 11-11:30 min/mile for the majority of the race. The slower paces are when I stopped at the water stations. At about 5.5 miles I got really emotional. I was running along the 163 freeway and I looked up at the bridge. There were people lining the bridge cheering, holding signs and I was listening to a Britt Nicole song about making love your legacy. I nearly broke down sobbing but i held it together. I still had 7.5 miles to go! Mile 11 was the hardest for me. My knee was hurting for some unknown reason so I walked most of it. I started back with the running in mile 12 and wanted to run through the finish line.

There were spectators everywhere. Most of them lined the streets to give out high-fives. There were a few awkward high fives when someone washolding out their hand, I go to high- five them and I realize they are looking at someone behind me that they know. oops.

There were a ton of signs along the way. Some of my favorites:
"Chuck Norris never ran a marathon"
"This is a motivational sign" next to a person holding a "This is another one" sign
"If you're reading this, stop. You should be running"

There were also a ton of different running shirts:
"If they can do 9 months, I can do 13.1 miles"
"Sweat is just fat cells crying"
"Dear God, Please let there be someone behind me reading this"

It was the "Rock N Roll" series so there were bands and DJs along the way. Some of the volunteers at the aid stations dressed up for the occasion. Some of the runners did too. I saw Mario (as in mario and Luigi), KISS, Gem (or she atleast looked like Gem), Elvis (like 3 of them), Barbie, Wonder Woman etc.

My goals were to have atleast one negative split time (run a mile faster than the previous one) and finish under 3 hours. My goal time was 2 hrs 45 min. My official time was 2 hrs 45min and 33 sec. Spot on!

I was greeted by a huge group of my family and friends at the end. I was handed homemade signs and all kinda of beautiful flowers. I am so thankful and blessed that they were all able to make it. A few couldn't for various reasons but there were definitely there in my heart! Surprisingly I didn't cry until well after my finish. I was hugging Jared and it all started to hit me. Delayed reaction much?

When I got home i found two pieces of paper taped to my door. My best friends little boys had made signs for me. It was the perfect ending to the day! SO incredibly sweet!

I have a ton of pictures but I will post those in a separate blog.

Today was incredible. I can't even tell you how amazing I feel! I accomplished something I never thought I could or would do.

If you care, here are my times:
Mile 1: 11:27
Mile 2: 11:48
Mile 3: 12:09
Mile 4: 11:29
Mile 5: 12:26
Mile 6: 12:20
Mile 7: 11:19
Mile 8: 11:51
Mile 9: 12:46
Mile 10: 12:37
Mile 11: 13:42
Mile 12: 14:31
Mile 13: 13:27