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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rock N Roll Half Marathon

I did it!!!! I ran my first half marathon!

On Friday Abby and I went to the expon to pick up our race packets. We had a good time checking out all of the booths and merchandise.

Saturday evening Abby, Kari, Missi and I went out to dinner to the California Pizza Kitchen. Delicious! I love carb loading! Our friend , Katie, lives on the East Coast but we had her there in spirit.

My hotel wasn't stellar. The room was nice but lacked a microwave eventhough on their website they said every room has one. The shuttle to the start line was full. Imagine my surprise when I found that info out during check-in. The person making my reservations in March failed to mention a separate reservation had to be made for the shuttle. Thankfully a very nice person checking in cancelled her husband's spot on the shuttle (he wasn't running the race) so I could have it.

Race day I woke up bright and early at 415. I got on the shuttle no problem and to the start line. On the shuttle I met a woman that is a "Legacy" runner. Meaning she has run in all 15 of the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathons. It was her 65th marathon over all. Her goal is to run her 70th Marathon on her 70th birthday in August. Pretty amazing!!!

I met up with Abby and Kari at gear check and everything became real. It was happening! Kari went ahead to her start corral while Abby and I waiting in a very long line to use the restroom.  Running has broken many of my germaphobe rules. At races there are only porta potties. YUCK.

The waves went a lot faster than we thought they would. We projected our start time to be around 7:03am but we started at 6:50am. Abby and I stayed together for the first mile but then went at our own pace. I knew I had to leave her early or I would want to stay with her for a long time. I love running with Abby. I am comfortable with her and the pace we run together. I needed to get into my own pace early. This day, the half marathon was mine and mine alone.

I was feeling so good through most of the race. My pace stayed mostly in the 11-11:30 min/mile for the majority of the race. The slower paces are when I stopped at the water stations. At about 5.5 miles I got really emotional. I was running along the 163 freeway and I looked up at the bridge. There were people lining the bridge cheering, holding signs and I was listening to a Britt Nicole song about making love your legacy. I nearly broke down sobbing but i held it together. I still had 7.5 miles to go! Mile 11 was the hardest for me. My knee was hurting for some unknown reason so I walked most of it. I started back with the running in mile 12 and wanted to run through the finish line.

There were spectators everywhere. Most of them lined the streets to give out high-fives. There were a few awkward high fives when someone washolding out their hand, I go to high- five them and I realize they are looking at someone behind me that they know. oops.

There were a ton of signs along the way. Some of my favorites:
"Chuck Norris never ran a marathon"
"This is a motivational sign" next to a person holding a "This is another one" sign
"If you're reading this, stop. You should be running"

There were also a ton of different running shirts:
"If they can do 9 months, I can do 13.1 miles"
"Sweat is just fat cells crying"
"Dear God, Please let there be someone behind me reading this"

It was the "Rock N Roll" series so there were bands and DJs along the way. Some of the volunteers at the aid stations dressed up for the occasion. Some of the runners did too. I saw Mario (as in mario and Luigi), KISS, Gem (or she atleast looked like Gem), Elvis (like 3 of them), Barbie, Wonder Woman etc.

My goals were to have atleast one negative split time (run a mile faster than the previous one) and finish under 3 hours. My goal time was 2 hrs 45 min. My official time was 2 hrs 45min and 33 sec. Spot on!

I was greeted by a huge group of my family and friends at the end. I was handed homemade signs and all kinda of beautiful flowers. I am so thankful and blessed that they were all able to make it. A few couldn't for various reasons but there were definitely there in my heart! Surprisingly I didn't cry until well after my finish. I was hugging Jared and it all started to hit me. Delayed reaction much?

When I got home i found two pieces of paper taped to my door. My best friends little boys had made signs for me. It was the perfect ending to the day! SO incredibly sweet!

I have a ton of pictures but I will post those in a separate blog.

Today was incredible. I can't even tell you how amazing I feel! I accomplished something I never thought I could or would do.

If you care, here are my times:
Mile 1: 11:27
Mile 2: 11:48
Mile 3: 12:09
Mile 4: 11:29
Mile 5: 12:26
Mile 6: 12:20
Mile 7: 11:19
Mile 8: 11:51
Mile 9: 12:46
Mile 10: 12:37
Mile 11: 13:42
Mile 12: 14:31
Mile 13: 13:27


Paula said...

Way to go! That's amazing! I can't imagine running for that long! I'm dreading my 25 minute run this morning...

Krys De said...

That is SO SO SO amazing! What a HUGE accomplishment!! I love your blog!!!!

amanda outlaw said...

I always love reading you blog, but especially loved reading this one I am so incredibly proud of you nd how hard you worked to get to this point. I'm so sorry I couldn't be there, but Ty said they went and it brought a smile to my face. Good job honey

Brie said...

That's awesome Shannon! I have yet to make it through a half without crying. You are a stronger woman than I! :) It sounds like you were anle to truly enjoy the experience. I'm happy for you! Which run is next?

Jessica LaTour said...

I am so proud of you, Shanan ; ) You're so inspiring!

Ryan H. Turner said...

Proud of your accomplishment! Been there....done that. I will NEVER forget my first one. You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!