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Monday, June 4, 2012

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Pictures

Friday at the expo:
Abby signing up for the Las Vegas Half Marathon

Saturday Night Pre-Race Dinner:

Katie lives on the East Coast so she was with us in spirit

Back: Missi and Abby
Front: Me and Kari

Race Day:

The Runners...

  My family and friends:
My love. He's been so incredibly supportive during my training!

My youngest niece, Peyton. She was pretty proud of her auntie!
This is my favorite picture. We didn't purposely make funny faces but that's how it ended up. Hilarious!

My Parents

One of my big brothers. The other one couldn't make it but he was there in our hearts.

Kaelah, me, Mindi. Mindi's mom has leukemia. I ran part of my race in her honor.

My sis in law ,Katie. Her sister Kayla had Lymphoma. I ran my race in honor of Kayla too.

My sweet friend, Summer. I've known her since 3rd grade.

Jared's family came too!
Jared's Mom and I

Homemade signs for Auntie Shannon:

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