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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Introduction Re-Cap

Exactly one year ago, today I was introduced to Jared. Wow. Time is flying by.
I remember going to wedding reception of sorts to set up a cake. I was anti-men at the time but the Groom at the party said I HAD to meet his step son. I didn't even know his name until we were introduced.
It was a quick "Jared this is Shannon. Shannon this is Jared". I honestly don't remember shaking his hand or anything but I think I atleast waved. All I remember is running in the opposite direction and later kicking myself for blowing my chances.
Guess I was wrong (this one time). :)

You ate WHAT?!?!

Last weekend Jared, Jimmy, Jessica and I went to the Del Mar Fair (for the record, I will always call it that. Even with the name change)

I haven't been to the fair in years and I have never been one to try any of the weird fried concoctions they come up with. This year the four of us decided to give said fried foods a try.

First up was Deep Fried Oreos. There were four in the tray so we each tried one. Pretty tasty. No way I could eat more than one. The final bite of sweetness about sent me over the edge.

Next we had the Fried Klondike Bar. Epic Fail, in my opinion. Not that I expected the ice cream to be solid like a normal klondike bar but it was more like a gush of melted vanilla and a little bit of chocolate when you broke into it with a fork. It tasted good but was kind of difficult to eat.

Garlic Battered Artichoke Hearts. If you like Garlic (LOTS of Garlic) and Artichoke hearts, this is the food for you. I can't even describe how delicious they were!!!!

Fried Calamri. I've had better.

Fried Snickers (Jared and I went back the following thurs and we tried this).Messy, gooey, sticking and oh sooooo yummy!

The newest this this year was:
Sounds gross, right? I was amazed to find out it was actually pretty good. A great combination of salty and sweet. There was definitely more chocolate than bacon but I think that worked. I was done after one piece but I am glad I tried it.

Really, it was the guys that talked about it all day. I wasn't sure I was even going to try it until they bought some. After the three of them tried it I decided I should follow suit and try it.

We had a lot of fun walking around the exhibit halls checking out the hundreds of vendors. As I mentioned earlier, Jared and I went back on Thursday. We went to an exhibit hall that we missed the weekend before. Talk about jack pot on free samples! We even tried a Chocolate Martini. Holy Cow! Those things are gooooooooooood!
Here are websites for some of the booths we stopped at. They are mostly all food because well, how do you give out a free sample of a jacuzzi? very very tasty/cool stuff can be found on all of these websites:
(this is where we tried the chocolate martini)
Kool Towels (reaaaally neat!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

I've baby sat my fair share of kids over the years. I worked in the nursery at church, taught children's church, worked at a preschool, worked at kids fairs but nothing and I mean n-o-t-h-i-n-g could have prepared me for watching Peyton and TJ for a full 24 hrs. Babysitting for a couple hours is no comparison.

Brian and Katie were brave enough trusted me enough to leave their children in my care for a full day while they scampered off to Las Vegas for a friends wedding.

I was nervous. Terrified.

I got to their house bright and early Friday morning to get a briefing and shove them out the door. Peyton was a trooper when they left. Not a single tear.

I put TJ in his swing and Peyton in the bath tub. I tell you, it is good exercise running back and forth between the bathroom and the living room. Now, before any of you think I left a 2 yr old unattended in a bath tub, I didn't. The swing was strategically placed approximately 5-6 feet away from the bathroom. All I had to do was go a few feet to put the binkie back in TJs mouth. All the while keeping one eye on the little blondie in the bath tub.

We headed out to meet Jared and go to the Zoo. Thank GOD Jared went with me. Peyton likes to people watch and occasionally she would remove her hand from mine or Jareds' to get a closer look at the peculiar people walking by. I spent most of the day pushing the little peanut's stroller while he snoozed. Jared was the trooper that carried Peyton on his shoulders or hip while we climbed the hills. Although, I think that was partly his way of getting out of changing TJs diapers. He kept her entertained while I fed or changed TJ. I honestly would not have lasted an hour without him there.

I covered Peyton with sunscreen about 3 times that day. She wasn't going to get a sunburn on my watch!. She was great and did a good job walking most of the day. I took the kids on the adorable little train, just outside the front gates, while Jared took our cooler of lunch goodness back to the car. Peyton loved it. TJ? He could care less but atleast he didn't cry.

We generally see a little too much nature at the Zoo, Sea World and Wild Animal Park. Friday was no exception. While looking at some type of bear (brown? black? grizzly? not sure), it decided to use the "restroom" right in front of us. Peyton being a typical 2 year old shouted "the bear is pooooooping!". Awesome. We all know what one thing she will remember from this trip.

Peyton passed out about 10 minutes into the car ride and didn't wake up until I got back to Brian and Katie's house. She was a tad cranky during the evening but thankfully Uncle Jimmy and Auntie J came over to help frazzled Tee Tee see the kids. Jimmy did a wonderful job getting the rest of Peyton's energy out.
Uncle Jimmy/Auntie J : "Peyton, what did you see at the Zoo today?"
Peyton: "a bear pooping"... see! I knew that's all she would remember!

After they left Peyton started asking for Katie. it was heartbreaking. She was crying and asking for "mama" and "daddy". I nearly sat down on the floor next to her and started crying. I refrained. Auntie Shannon put on her brave face and told her mommy and daddy were on a trip and she was having a special sleep over with Tee Tee (my nickname from my nieces and nephews) and TJ. Some how, that did the trick. Whew!

Once Peyton was in bed I had little peanut to deal with. I finished feeding him about 1030 so I was expecting a wake up cry around 230-3. I still wonder why I even tried to sleep that night. Oh, TJ was fine. He didn't make a peep. It was auntie that was so nervous and worried that I wouldn't hear him if he cried, that he would stop breathing or some other terrible thing would happen. I barely slept all night. I think I maybe got 3-4 hours max and it wasn't even a deep, restful sleep. I was relieved of my babysitting duties about 9am when Katie's mom, Sandy, came over.
Sandy: "Where did you go yesterday Peyton?"
Peyton: " the Zoo"
Sandy: " what did you see at the zoo?"
Peyton: "a bear pooping"
... oye.

 I had a great time watching the kids! Two kids is certainly a handful. I've always respected moms before but you all just gained a whole lot more respect from me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Gym and Walking it off.

Yesterday I made it to the gym for a bit of a workout. Usually I am in my own little world when I am on the treadmill but I seemed to notice a few things yesterday.

While I was happily jogging I noticed a guy hop on the treadmill next to me. He smiled and I returned a half hearted one. He was the buff body builder type. You know, the ones with biceps the size of my head. (for the record.. I did NOT find him attractive at all)


He turned on his treadmill at a rate that matched mine. He started jogging and we eventually got into the same rhythm. I was determined to out run him. I may not be the most beautiful,in shape, or athletic type but I wouldn't let this jock show me up. I may have a little bit of competitive tendencies thanks to my older brothers. Just saying.
So I jogged.
And jogged.
And jogged....
 Keep in mind I had already been jogging for a good 5 minutes before he even showed up. I was hurting but I was not going to give up. Finally, after about 7-8 minutes, he hit the "Stop" button on the treadmill. For kicks, I continued to jog for another 3-4 minutes. He stood next to his treadmill dripping with sweat and fighting for breath.  Let me tell you, those last 3-4 minutes at the end were tough but man they felt good!

This may be very 5 yrs old of me but : Nee Ner, Nee Ner, Nee Ner Jock Boy... I beat you!

Yesterday also marked a new workout schedule/routine for me. I read an article in Prevention Magazine about walking off weight. It gives a 4 week walking schedule that is supposed to kick your body in gear. If you're interested in trying it, here's the Article. It is actually pretty easy and doesn't require a gym or any specialized diet or equipment.

My work partner,Ali, and I set a new goal to run the 5k Breast Cancer event in the Inland Empire this year. We have walked the 5k together the last 2 years. So far I can jog 1.5 miles without stopping. I basically need to double that and I will be at a 5K. Let the training begin.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


As if my job hasn't confirmed that people are stupid, the latest comments from random strangers sealed the deal. During a couple shopping trips this week a couple people asked me if I am pregnant. No. But thanks for the self esteem boost. I appreciate it more than you know.

I mean, I have gained back a little bit of weight but I didn't think I looked like I have a bun in the oven.

Needless to say, the body bugg is getting strapped back on, I will be frequenting the gym and I will become part rabbit over the next few weeks.

I know numbers don't always matter but they do to an extent. People say to be healthy but part of that being healthy is reducing some numbers. % fat, cholestrol, blood pressure, weight etc. All of those are numbers and all of those need to be reduced in order to be healthy.

Time for me to get back on track. No excuses.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I'm a list maker.Ask anyone in my family. I used to make lists for my brothers when they were going out of town. I made lists for myself when I was going out of town. No matter what, I am making a list. I don't always write it down but there's always a list. Does that make me OCD (or even MORE OCD?) and does anyone else do this? I think it is an illness or something!
Shopping List
List of Bills
Running mental total of your bank account
Home projects
Home supplies/cleaning stuff
Contents of the refrigerator and what i may need to make a complete meal
What I need to get done today, tomorrow and the rest of the week
Whose birthdays are coming up
Cake ideas/supplies

Dear God, Does it ever stop? I just can't stop making lists!


It's funny how things hit you at random times. I was on my way down to Monte Vista (aka where I work) to set up a surprise baby shower for one of my co-workers and I was running late. I should have been stressed and driving like a bat out of hell the speed limit but I really wasn't.

For whatever reason, I started thinking about where I was in life a year ago. Single, freshly wounded heart, working as much overtime as possible to drown out the loneliness, and kind of sad. Now hear I am today... in a wonderful relationship with an amazing man, happy, and avoiding overtime unless absolutely necessary.

I found myself getting teary-eyed and quite choked up. I'm such a girl.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So I've been thinking...

A couple weeks ago my Best Friend's home got broken into. She got home right when the robbers were starting to put their grubby paws on all of her stuff. Thankfully, her and the kids were safe and the bastards (yes, I just said that!) didn't get away with anything of value. She has since decided to make her blog private. Her sense of security has been ripped away and she felt by making her blog private, she would be protecting her family just that much more.

It really got me thinking. I don't just write blogs about myself. I include stories/pictures/information about my family and friends too. My main concern is for my nieces and nephews. They are all pretty younger and it scares me to think that some random stranger can read my blog and find out information about them.

I've come to realize more and more that the world is getting worse, not better. Look at what happened to Chelsea King. A young girl going for a run around lake hodges. Being an avid runner, she probably did this just about every day. But what if that creep was able to see more information about her. What if her family had some type of blog and he had access to it? I don't really know the answer to that but it is possible. If something like this can happen to her and if my friends' home can get broken into in broad daylight, who's to say that can't happen to me?

I love having a blog and keeping my friends and family tuned in on the latest "shannon happenings" but I wonder who really reads this. Are there random people out there, that don't really know me, reading my ramblings? More importantly, are there random freaky people out there thinking weird, disgusting, pedophile type things about my precious little nieces and nephews? Short of locking them in a safe house for the rest of their lives, there is no 100 % guaranteed way of protecting them. But I can protect them a tiny bit more by making my blog private. So, if you aren't creepy creeperton and you would like to continue reading about my boring life, leave a comment with your email address so I can invite you. I leave you with  some additional info:
1)don't forget to check your junk mail. I've noticed the blog invited I get are sometimes mixed in there.
2) I won't be changing everything over to "private" for a few days. Hopefully everyone sees this before then.
3) you will have to log into blogger every time you want to read my blog. A pain, I know.
4) You will have to create a google account within 30 days to continue following a private blog. Just go to Gmail.com it is free and easy to use.
5) Feel free to call me a copy cat since Jess just set hers to private and I am following suit. :)