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Sunday, June 27, 2010

You ate WHAT?!?!

Last weekend Jared, Jimmy, Jessica and I went to the Del Mar Fair (for the record, I will always call it that. Even with the name change)

I haven't been to the fair in years and I have never been one to try any of the weird fried concoctions they come up with. This year the four of us decided to give said fried foods a try.

First up was Deep Fried Oreos. There were four in the tray so we each tried one. Pretty tasty. No way I could eat more than one. The final bite of sweetness about sent me over the edge.

Next we had the Fried Klondike Bar. Epic Fail, in my opinion. Not that I expected the ice cream to be solid like a normal klondike bar but it was more like a gush of melted vanilla and a little bit of chocolate when you broke into it with a fork. It tasted good but was kind of difficult to eat.

Garlic Battered Artichoke Hearts. If you like Garlic (LOTS of Garlic) and Artichoke hearts, this is the food for you. I can't even describe how delicious they were!!!!

Fried Calamri. I've had better.

Fried Snickers (Jared and I went back the following thurs and we tried this).Messy, gooey, sticking and oh sooooo yummy!

The newest this this year was:
Sounds gross, right? I was amazed to find out it was actually pretty good. A great combination of salty and sweet. There was definitely more chocolate than bacon but I think that worked. I was done after one piece but I am glad I tried it.

Really, it was the guys that talked about it all day. I wasn't sure I was even going to try it until they bought some. After the three of them tried it I decided I should follow suit and try it.

We had a lot of fun walking around the exhibit halls checking out the hundreds of vendors. As I mentioned earlier, Jared and I went back on Thursday. We went to an exhibit hall that we missed the weekend before. Talk about jack pot on free samples! We even tried a Chocolate Martini. Holy Cow! Those things are gooooooooooood!
Here are websites for some of the booths we stopped at. They are mostly all food because well, how do you give out a free sample of a jacuzzi? very very tasty/cool stuff can be found on all of these websites:
(this is where we tried the chocolate martini)
Kool Towels (reaaaally neat!)


Melissa Ansley said...

Yes, alcohol doesn't get much better than a chocolate martini. I wonder if they'll have chocolate covered bacon at the OC Fair. If so, I'll have to give it a try.

Jessica said...

The Snickers sound awesome! Mmm.

I remember hearing all about deep fried Twinkies years ago & it was a major letdown when I finally got to try it. Guess it's a matter of taste?

Looks like alot of fun!