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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I'm a list maker.Ask anyone in my family. I used to make lists for my brothers when they were going out of town. I made lists for myself when I was going out of town. No matter what, I am making a list. I don't always write it down but there's always a list. Does that make me OCD (or even MORE OCD?) and does anyone else do this? I think it is an illness or something!
Shopping List
List of Bills
Running mental total of your bank account
Home projects
Home supplies/cleaning stuff
Contents of the refrigerator and what i may need to make a complete meal
What I need to get done today, tomorrow and the rest of the week
Whose birthdays are coming up
Cake ideas/supplies

Dear God, Does it ever stop? I just can't stop making lists!

1 comment:

MammaMcC said...

That is so mee! I even have a running list of scrapbook pages that I need to do, all the way back to us moving home. At least I keep the list instead of letting it go completely :)