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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So I've been thinking...

A couple weeks ago my Best Friend's home got broken into. She got home right when the robbers were starting to put their grubby paws on all of her stuff. Thankfully, her and the kids were safe and the bastards (yes, I just said that!) didn't get away with anything of value. She has since decided to make her blog private. Her sense of security has been ripped away and she felt by making her blog private, she would be protecting her family just that much more.

It really got me thinking. I don't just write blogs about myself. I include stories/pictures/information about my family and friends too. My main concern is for my nieces and nephews. They are all pretty younger and it scares me to think that some random stranger can read my blog and find out information about them.

I've come to realize more and more that the world is getting worse, not better. Look at what happened to Chelsea King. A young girl going for a run around lake hodges. Being an avid runner, she probably did this just about every day. But what if that creep was able to see more information about her. What if her family had some type of blog and he had access to it? I don't really know the answer to that but it is possible. If something like this can happen to her and if my friends' home can get broken into in broad daylight, who's to say that can't happen to me?

I love having a blog and keeping my friends and family tuned in on the latest "shannon happenings" but I wonder who really reads this. Are there random people out there, that don't really know me, reading my ramblings? More importantly, are there random freaky people out there thinking weird, disgusting, pedophile type things about my precious little nieces and nephews? Short of locking them in a safe house for the rest of their lives, there is no 100 % guaranteed way of protecting them. But I can protect them a tiny bit more by making my blog private. So, if you aren't creepy creeperton and you would like to continue reading about my boring life, leave a comment with your email address so I can invite you. I leave you with  some additional info:
1)don't forget to check your junk mail. I've noticed the blog invited I get are sometimes mixed in there.
2) I won't be changing everything over to "private" for a few days. Hopefully everyone sees this before then.
3) you will have to log into blogger every time you want to read my blog. A pain, I know.
4) You will have to create a google account within 30 days to continue following a private blog. Just go to Gmail.com it is free and easy to use.
5) Feel free to call me a copy cat since Jess just set hers to private and I am following suit. :)


Supercute said...

Well, I stalk you through your blog but I assume I have permission to do so. =) supercute11@gmail.com

Lori Beckmann said...

You're on my list of 8,000,000 blogs I visit when I get a chance. :)


Dan LaTour said...


Michelle said...

I like to visit your blog! Especially for the recipes! ;o)

marv-e-lous said...

I check up on you everyweek!