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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Playing Catch Up Part 1: End of April,early May

I can't believe it has been over a month since my last blog! Well, I guess that's not totally accurate. May is a crazy-busy month for my family! Brian's birthday, Mom's Birthday, Mother's Day, plus nephews that have birthdays. We usually do one big Birthday/Mother's Day shindig during the month of May. It would be impossible to do individual celebrations for each occasions.

I am going to back up just a baby-bit to the end of April. During the last week of April I had the priveledge of meeting Jared's Niece, Maddie. We threw her a shot-gun birthday party the day after her birthday. Her mom is one that likes to play games and change her plans at the last minute. Fortunately she didn't change her psychotic mind this time. So after a year and a half, she was reunited with her dad's side of the family. Unfortunately she wasn't much for having her picture taken. I got a couple though.

To give Katie a little break after while brian was working some overtime, Jared and I took Peyton to the Wild Animal park for a few hours. Thank GOD they has the "discovery zone" area. Basically there are puzzles, Books, coloring pages etc. You can let the wee-ones run around in a small area while you sit on your rump and rest your aching feet. The three of us had a blast though.

Peyton also decided she wanted to try on our sunglasses. SO cute.
By the end of the tram ride she was pretty much done having her picture taken. I just couldn't kidak moment go when she was sitting on the Giraffe Statue. Sure, she is smiling and looking cute in the picture but what really happened was Auntie Shannon told her she was putting the camera away. Being very pleased with herself, she turned around with a big smile probably thinking 'hahahaha Tee Tee, I got you to put away the camera." Think again kid.. I gotcha!
Peyton fell asleep about 2minutes after we got into the car. I'd say she had a pretty good time. So did we! Stay tuned for more..

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