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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 50/50 Plan: Update & May Challenge

Happy May Day everyone! It is a new month and I am ready for a new challenge. Let's recap on April though...

At the beginning of April I set out on a couple different challenges. You can read about that here.

I didn't do great. I made it through about half the month before I started slacking off and not making the time. I was busy, worked a lot, focused on my running. BUT, those are just excuses. I didn't make the time I needed to.

This will not be the case in May. My work partner, Ali, and I have teamed up. We are going to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. We were going to do it for 30 days straight but agreed that a rest day is super important. We are also going to faithfully log our food for 30 days. We both downloaded the My Fitness Pal App on our Blackberry phones.

Our reward: NEW PURSES!!!!! I've had my eye on a new purse for a while. What's been stopping me? It is $100. I n.e.v.e.r. spend that kind of money on a purse. I usually stick around the $20 mark. Unfortunately they haven't been lasting that long. I've had my current purse for maybe 3 months and the seems are already stressed and frayed. So this will be my rewards. If we miss one day, we are out. Talk about incentive to get the job done right!

So here are my updated #s:

April 14: Starting Weight: 183.8
              New Weight: 184.0
              Difference: +.20 lbs

April 21 Starting Weight: 184.0
             New Weight: 185.7
             Difference: +1.7lbs

April 28 Starting Weight: 185.7
             Current Weight: 184.7
             Difference: -1.0 lbs

Total Weight loss: 11.3 lbs

As you can see, not a stellar weight loss month but that is totally ok! I still had accomplishments during the month and I am happy with that!

This month I will start taking measurements so I can track how many inches I am losing. The scale may not be going down but my clothes are definitely fitting better. I know I am behind on the 1 pound a week but I am confident I will catch up.

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Paula said...

Reward! That's a great idea! I need some new motivation. Looking forward to hear your results from the 30 day shred. I really enjoyed that workout.