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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Maci!

My friend's baby girl, Maci, turned 1 on may 6th. She's an adorable little girl. I just love her to pieces!! I was privileged enough to make her very first birthday cake. For first birthdays I always make a small cake just for the birthday kid. That way they can smash, smear, drool and eat all they want withouth sharing. I try to be kind to the parents though...white or light colored frosting :). I think she enjoyed her cake...

 I wasn't sure how the cow print and the "Cow Jumped Over the Moon" theme would work together. Sometimes you just have to jump in, do it and hope for the best. I actually really love how the cake turned out. One of my favorites.
My fondant animals need some work. He's quirky cute.

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