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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Blankets

Front of the Brochure
I tell you what, "Blankets For Brianna" has completely captured my heart. I love making blankets for the organization. I am constantly thinking about other colors and designs I can do.

Crocheting blankets definitely takes some time. Depending on the pattern/size it can take weeks. I've made a few fleece tie blankets but they have always been with two pieces of fabric. I noticed some of the ladies were mentioning tie blankets with only one piece of fabric. I googled the "how to" and realized it is incredibly easy and quick!

1) Measure the fleece to the size you want
2) cut a 2in x 2in square out of each corner
3) Cut 2in strips along each side of the fabric. It shouldn't go past the bottom of each cut out corner
4) Cut a small slit in the bottom of each strip you just cut. It should line up with the bottom of the cut out corner and the end of the strip.
5) Take each strip, put it through the slit and pull it through.

I hope that makes sense! It really is very very easy. I bought 3 pieces of fleece.

I got  1.5 yards of each pattern. I thought I could make 6 blankets total out of the 3 pieces. When I started measuring I realized I could make 12 blankets total!

I finished another crocheted blanket as well.

When I dropped off my blankets to my friend, Becki, I had made a total of 17 blankets. 12 fleece and 5 crocheted. It does drive me batty bug me just a little that it was 17, not 18. I like even numbers. I know, I have issues. Good thing you love me anyway!

OH and I got a few brochures for "Blankets For Brianna" in the mail the other day! I love them. Let me know if you'd like one so you can spread the word about this amazing organization.

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