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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lessons Learned

Today was the day.. taxes. My stomach was in knots all night. What would this year bring? Last year I ended up paying $2200. Not a fun thing by any means. I felt hopeless and scared and wondered how in the world I would pay that off. My tax guy, Kenneth, saved me from drowning in my tears by giving me some suggestions on how to improved this years outlook.

So last year I walked away from Summit Financial with a baby bit of hope. I came home and immediately made some changes. I changed my tax with holdings, donated to a few charities, joined the Susan G Komen breast cancer walk and started volunteer work with the San Diego Burn Institute.

It is amazing that a few suggestions and a little bit of follow-through can change someone's life in so many ways. I started living a little differently. I watched my income more, made charitable contributions and kept track of mileage to all training and volunteer events.

Those small changes made a huge difference this year. Thankfully I am getting a refund. When I pulled out my tax information for Kenneth, his face lit up. He "oo'd" and "ahh's" over the spread sheets I made. I explained that I had taken his suggestions to heart and made some changes. He was so excited and expressed how proud he is of me.

Volunteering for the Burn Institute has certainly changed my life. I love it. The kids, the other volunteers, burn run and fire expo.. I've learned so much from each thing. The Breast Cancer walk was a life changing event and I can't wait to do it again this year and get other people involved. Who knew you could learn so much from getting your taxes done!

So to all who feel like hope is lost, take a step back, make a few changes if needed and press on. Things will always get better. Learn from the past, don't regret it.

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