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Friday, March 20, 2009

Networking.. sort of

Today I made the trek to Mira Mesa and Clairemont for some gift buying and supply getting. As I was putting stuff in my car in the Target parking lot, a black car pulled up next to me. I waited for the person to ask me if I was leaving and if they could have my spot. I was ready with the "sorry but i still need to go to babies r us next door".

She remained sitting in her vehicle while the following conversation ensued:

Lady: Do you live around here?
Me: NO, i don;t
Lady: Don't worry, I'm not asking for directions. I mean do you live in San Diego County
Me: well, yes
Lady: Are you currently employed or looking to change your career
Me: yes, I am employed
Lady: Where?
Me: I am a 911 Dispatcher
Lady: are you considering a career change?
Me: No. I love my job.
Lady: well i am a business owner that is new to san diego (blah blah blah blah)

Hmm not the typical questions one would expect. I just kept thinking to myself.. could anyone really take this person seriously when she pulled up next to them in a vehicle, didn't even step out of the vehicle and was wearing a t-shirt. I didn't realize that parking lot stalking was a form of networking for your business. Why not stand out front of a grocery store with the Girl Scouts.

Strangely enough, when I was finished in Babies R Us and returned to my car, she was there again! She was talking to the women in the car next to mine and they were actually giving her their phone number. For their sakes (eventhough I don't know them) I hope this lady is legit.


Jessica Rae said...

Who does that?! Wow.

Debra LaTour said...

People are so random. I would vote for not legit : )

Dan LaTour said...

Telemarketing recruiter or serial killer! Wow crazy! Last time I looked good jobs weren't falling off trees or in your case stocking you in a parking lot.

Melissa Ansley said...

Whoa. This is funny. People will try anything, huh?

Joshie's Sweetie said...

Josh and I had that happen to us too! We were at fry's and this man and woman pulled up as we were loading Korban into the car. Super weird!