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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Udderly Ridiculous

A couple weekends ago my brothers, sister-in-laws and I went to a murder mystery cafe' for dinner. I think we were all excited to get dresses up and go out together. Going into it we knew there was a chance someone from the audience would be picked to be part of the show.

There were three empty seats at our table until Warren, Joyce and Ursula joined us. Warren quickly headed to the chair next to me which gave my brothers their first ammunition for the evening. Warren said " I know a good thing when I see one"... he sat away from his wife and next to me. This would be slightly flattering had Warren been a good looking man in his 30s.. maybe even 40s but NO. Warren was probably about 70 years old. Warren quickly became my friend and "partner" in solving the trivia questions. I have to say that atleast he was more nice than creepy.

The theme was the Hooter County Fair. Fitting as it was, our table was on the "Cow" side of the room as opposed to the "Pig" side of the room. (Just for the record, three of us grew up in Ramona and not once did we ever go cow tipping). Instead of clapping for things we were instructed to Moo. There was a lot of audience participation...Especially when they said "Hooter County". We had to make the "ok" sign with both hands, flips our hands upside down and put the "o' part over our eyes (like you used to do as a kid when you made a batman mask on your face) then flap our bent arms like chicken wings while chanting "Hooooo hoooooo, love them hooters". It was impossible to do without laughing.

Our saloon-girl waitress asked if anyone at the table was available, aka single. Much to my brothers' amusement and without even thinking, my sister-in-laws (you know the girls that marry your brothers but are supposed to take your side on everything and support you when it comes to stupid guys no matter what) throw me under the bus and point at me. Thanks ladies! I sat in fear for the rest of the show. Thinking " what are they going to do when they call me up on stage?", " how badly are they going to embaress me?", " what am I going to have to do". I was a bundle of nerves.

There was a certain town sheriff that rode a pony on a stick. He would move that pony in some suggestive manners. At one point I noticed my brothers texting then whispering to their wives. oh dear god what are they scheming this time? I asked brian what the text was and he said I couldn't read it because it was inappropriate for me. The fear grew.. Later I found out my oldest brother had told the sheriff I would like to pet the pony. Thanks..eww (he played two characters so here he is as a bad guy)

The show continued and it was hilarious! Numerous times we were wiping tears from our eyes or holding our sides from laughing so hard. It was a good night out with the sibilings. Sadly, warren didn't ask for my number and went home with his wife. Too bad.. the old guy kinda grew on me by the end of the night. (totally kidding)

The King family with "Miss" Trampy aka our friend Shawn


Debra LaTour said...

I went there once and I dreaded being called on to be a part of the whole thing. But I ended up being safe : ) Glad you had a good time! BTW, you look GREAT!!!! Love the dress! So beautiful!

Melissa Ansley said...

I just want to tell you how hot you look in that blue dress. ! :)