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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gettin the Boot

Just when you have lost faith in all people, you have a day that renews your spirit and keeps you going. Thursday was the annual Burn Institute "Give Burns the Boot" Boot Drive. Once a year fire fighters around San Diego County stand on street corners holding their boots and collecting money for the Burn Institute.

We were all a little skeptical this year. It was the day after tax day, the economy is still deeply troubled, and it was spring break. Last year Ramona raised approx $13,000-14,000 but we weren't sure if we would get anything close to that this year. Regardless we woke up early and headed to the streets.

First of all it was great exercise running back and forth between highway 67 and dye rd! Secondly in the short amount of time it took to place some bills or change in the boot I heard some amazing things.. (I didn't know anyone's name so I will make up names for fun)

Sally: " You guys life flighted my daughter from station 81 last year. I was so scared and you guys took such good care of her. She is doing great and today is her birthday! Thank you for everything you guys are doing."

Francine: " I really don't have much and I hate to ask this.. but all I have is a 20.. could I get 10 back? I'm really sorry to ask that"

Gary: "I don't have any money on me but I want to donate. Will you guys be out here all day?"

The stories went on and on. One after another saying thank you and throwing cash in the boots. Some needed change, some had no money on them, some only had a few cents.. but they all donated or made an effort. The one that touched me the most was the lady I talked about above. Yes, she asked for change and some may be shocked by that. Clearly she was sacrificing what little she had to help the cause. Amazing...

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