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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Fun

Although it was celebrated a week later, we had a great family Easter celebration. I just love my family. Always a ton of food and non-stop laughter. This auntie went a bit crazy this year but I loved it! A total of 9 easter baskets made, 300 kid eggs, 2 adult eggs and 14 goodie bags... I know it's not all about the stuff but the added joy it brings tops of the day and makes it perfect. We headed to Jim and Jessica's and utilized their big back yard. Tables were set up outside and we let the kids run loose and hunt for their eggs. It was a gorgeous day.. probably in the 80s or so. The only ones that didn't enjoy the warm weather were the sad chocolate bunnies in the easter baskets. They ended up as a pile of brown chocolate with eyes. It was almost funny to see what state each bunny was in.

Big winners for the adult egg hunt were Brian K. and Summer. Brian actually went right to where the first "big kid" egg was hidden but he didn't see it. I had to get creative and make it challenging for the adults this year. Unfortunately that meant I had to encounter countless spiders, a slug that landed on my hand (EW!) and numerous unidentified bugs (shudder).My bestie and her sister in law, amy, brought the kids for the big egg hunt. I think we had 10 or 11 kids total. We let the little ones (2yrs and younger) go first to get a head start then unleashed the big kids into easter egg madness. I think the pictures speak for themselves. I think I am shooting for 500 eggs next year.

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Jessica Rae said...

Thanks again for having us! You always make any party so cute & lots of fun!