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Friday, April 24, 2009


My friend, Lori, has a fantastic blog that I enjoy reading daily. She is real, funny and her stories about her kids will keep you in stitches. Today she discussed her son and his interpretation of a song at their church. One line of that interpretation being "beebeebee"... well I followed Garrett's lead and stole his line when I discovered a bee in my apartment. My version, however, came out more like a yell/high pitched/typical girl reaction of "beebeebee" !
Where in the world did they come from ?!?!?!!?!?!?! .

I noticed sugar jumping around and chasing something yesterday but I thought it was a fly. Today I noticed a bee on my bedroom curtains so I smashed it with my shoe. I assumed it followed me in while I was doing laundry. Much to my horror there were 6 more bees in my window sill! My poor hunny cat was babying her back paw a little so I checked out the situation and sure enough, there was a stinger in it. I pulled it out the proper way and she is on the road to recovery. My poor baby.

I hate bees. HATE HATE HATE bees...

When I was young I had a bee on my shoulder. Brian, being the older brother to the rescue type, took my jenny doll and whacked me with it.. sending the bee to its death.

In elementary school the "africanized honey bees" came about and the information talks freaked me out beyond words. Don't wear certain colors, run in a zig-zag motion if you are getting chased, they will follow you into the water etc etc. I thought every place in ramona was going to be infested with these things. It was more hype than anything.

Now I have to figure out where these stupid things are coming from. Y.I.K.E.S. Did I mention that I HATE bees?


Melissa Ansley said...

I don't mind bees but I DESPISE flies!

Jessica and Sean said...

Ahhhhh, I hate bees too! That is awful that you have a bunch in your house! How terrible...good luck getting them out!

Penny said...

This is their swarming season. They hang out in trees, bushes or anywhere else that they can congregate by the multitudes. It's nasty, but will continue happening thru the end of May. Another good reason to drive with the windows up at ALL times during this season. I've been driving down the road before and hit a swarm. Looked like someone was literally throwing mud at my van. That's how thick the swarms are.
Good time to be careful of any place that they may gather-UGH.