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Friday, April 17, 2009

Ham Hunters

Normally I do not put off running errands and getting things for family events but this week has told a different story. You see, we are celebrating easter a week later this year for a number of reasons. I signed up to bring the ham. You know.. the big, juicy lump of meat that melts in your mouth and is the main course. For some reason I felt I had all the time in the world... until today. Today was the last day to get a ham for our shindig tomorrow. No problem right? Run to costco, pick it up, come home. Easy....

I had lunch with a friend then we headed to the Costco by her house. We must have done 4 or 5 laps around the meat section but we just weren't seeing the shiny red foil wrapped ham. I finally asked someone and he said they were sold out. WHAT?! How is that possible? It's a week after Easter.. haven't they gotten a new food shipment? Apparently not.

No need to panic. There was an albertsons down the street. They had one.. count them ONE ham left and it was huge. I didn't buy it because I knew it was way too much. We left and I decided to stop by another Costco on my way home. They didn't have any either! It was 7:30 pm and they close at 8:30. I started to feel a little panicky. The next costco was 30min away. I practically ran to my car and drove quickly to the next Costco. They didn't have any either! At this point I was ready to call my friend and have her go back to albertsons to get that one lonely ham! I have to show up tomorrow with a ham. How can we have an Easter meal with no ham? I was wondering if I would have to serve ham lunch meat to my family and friends.

I took a shot at one more store before heading back to Ramona. Jackpot! Stater Bros. in poway had a ton of them. I finally picked one and of course when I get to the register it has no price tag. Awesome. So the bagger high tails it to the meat department to find a price. In the meantime I can see the line behind me getting bigger and people getting antsy. It's like their eyes were burning into the back of my head. Just staring, wondering what on earth could be taking so long when I only had 4 items. The bagger is taking her time so the checker calls back to the meat department. She didn't think the price quoted was correct so she just made up a price.

So 3 Costcos, 1 Albertsons and 1 Stater Bros. later I walked away with a ham that was originally priced at $15.30 but marked down by my new favorite checker to $7.83

So my dear family.. savor this ham while you eat it tomorrow..cuz this was almost the easter with no ham.


Jessica Rae said...

I love grocery store checkers that take matters into their own hands & discount like there's no tomorrow.

I can just picture you running around like a crazy lady looking for that ham. Too funny!

Penny said...

And it was delicious! Good job girlfriend!!
Thank you for all your hard work. Everything was wonderful! The food, the egg hunt, and most of all, the company.
Love you~