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Friday, May 8, 2009

Vacation recap.. Part 2

I can't believe that my vacation will be over in just a few hours. I've loved every second of this time off! It has been sooo nice. A very good break before fire season. I've been a busy little bee pretty much every day.

Day 5 cont: I took it easy on sunday. hung out at home, cleaned. Then I did something that I have never done before.. I went to the movies alone. Well worth it to see see this guy:

Hugh Jackman.. Holy crap that guy is hot ! I thought it was a great movie and of course the movie theater popcorn was super yummy

Day 6: I think a lot of people had a case of the "mondays". I didn't think I did until I got to walmart to get the oil changed in my car. My plan was to get the oil changed then head to sea world and balboa park. For whatever reason I became a crabby-patty about half way through the day. Thankfully I got a call from my BFF and we decided to grab some lunch and head to the park. It always amazes me how being around Jess and the kids can improve my mood. I loved watching Noah and Jack play on the slides as little buddies.

In an effort to become more handy, I headed to Brian and Katie's so brian could teach me how to change the air filter in my car. Easiest thing ever!

Day 7: Girls day.. This was the day I had been looking forward to the most! The whole day with Jess, the kids and her sister in laws emily, amy and kristina. A day of chick flicks, american idol, talking and food. It doesn't get much better than that.

Day 8: I was heading to Carlsbad State Beach to meet up with Becki and TJ. I've been to that beach a ton but never to the camp sites. How hard could it be.. right? I drove up and down The road looking for the right parking lot. The guy at the guard shack wasn't very helpful and sent me farther south(probably a mile and a half or so) than what I needed to be. I finally parked then called Becki to meet up with her. After a short conversation I realized I was *quite* lost. I got back in my car and did a couple more laps around Carlsbad Blvd to find a good parking spot. I finally get INTO the actual camp grounds and I began my trek to find my friends... who were in space #6. I was at space 162. So I figured I just need to walk past 156 camping spots and I would find them.. until I noticed the numbers going up instead of down..?!? Thankfully about 3 minutes later I saw becki walking towards me! I was saved from be lost for eternity in the Carlsbad camp grounds! It was such a relaxing day on the beach. I had a great time hanging out with my friends and couple of their family members. On my way home I stopped by the strawberry fields and picked up the BEST strawberries I have ever had!
Day 9: Wedding cake madness began in a big way. I baked a couple of the cakes through out the week but this was the day I had to do the major shopping and running around.

Last week a friend of mine, who also works with the Burn Institute, asked me to be his assistant for the Fire Fighter Combat Challange at the Expo this year. Gee.. a day surrounded by good looking, buff, sweaty fire fighters.. twist my arm.. please. Is it just me or is that a no-brainer? I headed to the Del mar fair grounds for a meeting with the Fire Expo committee. Its going to be even better this year. New location and during the San Diego County Fair bring new challenges but everyone is stepping up with some great ideas.

I finished the day with a quick visit with my parents then headed home to continue a wedding cake.
Day 10: working on the wedding cake.

It's been a great vacation. I've done a lot of stuff but I am so relaxed and I have soaked up every.single.minute of it.

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