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Sunday, May 10, 2009

When bad things happen to good cake..

Well my worst nightmare (as far as cakes are concerned) has come true. I made a wedding cake for my friend, Erin. I made it at home and drove it to Yucaipa on saturday. It was warm outside and I had the A/C on full blast during the entire 2 hr drive.
I built the cake when I got there and it seemed ok. I checked on it occasionally and I could see it was starting to sag just a bit. I figure it was because of the heat. A little while later Erin's step-mom came to tell me the cake was leaning a little. I took off toward the kitchen and then I saw it through the window... the top two tiers had toppled over and they were sprawled out over the table.
A couple other ladies came in at the same time. I just stood there motionless. Then the tears came. I couldn't help it. I had baked for 5 days and frosted for 2 days. 2 dozen eggs, 15 cups or so of frosting, 4 different kinds of filling...I couldn't believe it. Erin's step mom and a couple of the ladies grabbed me some tissues and were mopping up my tears. When Erin and Travis came in I cried harder. Erin hugged me and said it couldn't have happened to two better people. Everyone shrugged it off and said it would be ok. I did my best to repair the damages.

I don't know what happened. It could have been a whole combination of things. Top two tiers too heavy and not enough support rods in the third tier? heat? someone bumping the table?... who knows.. Either way it happened.
Atleast everyone was raving about how good it was. Even the lady the doesn't like cake had seconds.

The camera guy was waaaayy excited about the whole ordeal because he was getting some good shots. Thanks dude.
The original:
After the fall:
The top couldn't be salvaged:
The final product:


Jessica Rae said...

It still looks amazing, before & after the big tumble. I'm sure it tasted awesome too!

Melissa Ansley said...

I played "Here Comes the Bride" at my friend Dave's wedding, and one of the most obvious notes came out sounding like the one they play in the haunted house at Disneyland. I still feel guilty, but not everything can be perfect. And I'm sure they'll remember the cake so much more! (By the way, you did a great job with the original, and also with the salvaged one.) :)