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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running Truths, As I Know It

Have I mentioned that I am a "runner" now? I don't even know if I can be put in that category quite yet. I am working on it though. You know what I have learned so far?

1) It's hard. Really hard.
2) I sweat a lot and its gross
3) Sometimes I have to mentally push myself
4) Sometimes I have to push myself physically
5) I'm a heavy breather. Atleast for now. Hopefully that will change
6) I don't know if I can do this, most days
7) I feel good when I am done with a run
8) I am going to stick to this and not give up
9) The shoes are the most expensive shoes I've ever owned and ever will
10) It requires a whole new wardrobe
11) My recovery after a run is WAY better than it was when I first started running. I am thankful for that.
12) When I finish the 15K, Half Marathons and multiple 5K runs, I will have accomplished many things that I never EVER thought I could do.
13) A support system of friends and fellow runners is absolutely essential
14) Properly hydrating and fueling my body is necessity
15) It's hard. but I am doing it!

I'm learning and pushing myself and growing. It is a conscious decision to get out and pound the pavement every day.


Melisa said...

Good insights. :) I'm excited to run the hot chocolate race with you!

My friend Amy who has a really good blog writes on running/exercise too. Funny because just yesterday she was writing about buying a whole bunch of clothes and gear for running. I think you'd like reading those posts... she is at www.justatitch.com


MeliSSa said...

What is wrong with me, I just spelled my name wrong above in my comment...

Dan LaTour said...

Did a half marathon a few months ago... It sucked! :) but felt pretty good when it was over. Running is a LOVE HATE relationship!