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Monday, August 27, 2012

The 50/50 Plan: Update

I hope you're not bored with these updates. They are more for my benefit and a reminder of the journey I am on. I do hope you find it interesting and inspiring.

I am learning SO much on this journey. Thankfully I am not alone in this. My good friends Ali, Melissa, Michelle, Kristen, Crystal and Suzy are also on a journey of healthier living and shedding a few LBs. The nice thing is that we are all doing things differently but 100% supportive of each other.

There are so many ways to lose weight. Healthy ways. I , personally, don't believe in no carb diets, diet supplements etc. I don't believe those are all together healthy. Rapid weight loss shouldn't be a goal. One thing a lot of us talk about is how this is a lifestyle change. It is slow and steady, daily changes and awareness.

I haven't changed my eating in any dramatic way. I cut the number of calories I consume and I make smarter choices. One mini york peppermint patty is 50 calories. That is not going to fill me up. Not even come close. A medium apple is around 80 calories. So for 30 more calories I get something that tastes good, is nutritious and it fills me up for a while. I choose leaner cuts of meat, whole grain /wheat breads and pastas. You know what I also do? Allow myself a cheat day. *GASP* I know.. cheating goes against so many "dieting rules". But guess what.. I am not on a diet. I am changing my lifestyle. The thing is, I love food. I am not going to stop living and just chew on lettuce all day. I am going to cook fresh, good tasting and healthy food. I give myself a little bit of wiggle room though.

On Friday night, Jared and I had plans to go to a new burger place in Poway. "The Burger Joint". Knowing I would be pigging out on burgers, fries and onion rings, I ran 6 miles Friday morning. Even though it was my "cheat" day, I tried to at least exercise enough to counter some of what I would be eating. Believe me... it was SOOOO worth the calories consumed. The only problem was that I ate half the burger, 2 onion rings and a few french fries and I was full. I eat multiple times a day so my portions are small. Therefore my stomach can't hold as much as it used to. How I wish I could have expanded it that night. The unbelievable rosemary garlic fries would have been enough incentive to expand my stomach for an evening.

Jared has been so amazing during this process. Supportive , patient and encouraging. He doesn't even bat an eyelash when I am scanning bar codes or checking nutrition facts. He's trying to eat healthier as well. Maybe I have been a good influence on him?

I've become so comfortable with my weight and body.I am no longer afraid of the number. I have embraced it. I cannot even tell you how liberating it is. I am not longer embarrassed. I am happy with how I am doing, how I look and feel. So down to the nitty gritty:

Weight as of 8/3/12: 169.9
Weight as of 8/24/12: 167.4
Difference: 2.5 lbs
Total loss to date : 28.6 lbs
Current size: 12!!!!

Next month I start training for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon... I can't wait!


Jessica LaTour said...

You look good, friend.

Paula said...

I have been amazed at how fast I feel full, since eating smaller portions too. It's great to know your limits and seems that you have a good plan that can be life long! Way to go!