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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The 50/50 Plan: Update

This has definitely been a journey. One that I didn't know if I could stick with. I am a bit stubborn sometimes so I have never been willing to give up. Sometimes I think my scale is lying to me. It is hard to look in the mirror and think I look exactly the same as I did 5 , 6 months ago. Don't get me wrong, I know I look different. I certainly feel different. But sometimes I see the same old me in the mirror.

When I put on a running shirt that I've had for a while and I notice it is loose, that's when I realize my body is changing.

I know I am tracking my calories and what I am eating. You know what is awesome about my journey? I eat whatever I want!! I'm serious. Cereal, hamburgers, fries etc. The difference is I make good choices. Leaner meats, whole wheat buns, baked sweet potato fries. I also only eat those things on occasion. I like me some food but there is a balance between eating healthy and eating what you want. I incorporate more fruits and vegetables, more fiber and grains.

Most people think dieting is a death sentence to your taste buds. It doesn't have to be that way. You can have great food while eating healthy. One of my most favorite websites is Skinny Taste. She takes normal, every day recipes and tweaks them so they are healthier. She also gives the calorie amount and weight watchers points.

The fact of the matter is, you have to fuel your body. You can't live off fruits and vegetables alone. You can't go without carbs. Most of those fad diets are the quick fix. Shortly after you stop their diet, you slip back into your old ways and gain weight again. It has to be a lifestyle change. It is work at first but eventually you will get into a good groove and it will just happen.

I also don't deprive myself. Jared and I go out to eat a couple times a month. Most of the time I make good choices but sometimes I want a big ole cheddar bacon burger and a milkshake. And I have it. *gasp*. I also know that means I probably need a really good workout the next day or within a couple of days of that.

You also have to do what works for you. My friend, Melissa, is also on a weight loss journey but she is doing Weight Watchers. She has a fabulous blog and every Wednesday she has "Weight Watchers Wednesday". Hop on over there are read her post from last week then go back tomorrow to see her latest post!

Here's my newest stats:
Weight as of 7/27/12: 172.2

Weight as of 8/3/12: 169.9

Difference: -2.3lbs!


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