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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The 50/50 Plan: Update

I have to say, I am kind of on a roll. I knew this weight loss journey wouldn't be easy but I have so much support, it almost seems easy. I have to do the work myself but it is great having others around me that are on a similar path.

This month I started a 6 week health challenge called "Elf For Health". Every 2 weeks we are paired with an "elf". During those two weeks we encourage each other, send recipes and work outs etc. My current elf is Amanda. She's just the sweetest! I love getting emails from her and hearing about her two littles! ( 6 weeks and 2 1/2 yrs). It always amazes me how moms have time to eat healthy and/or work out. I can barely find the time and I have no kids. hehe.

We also have daily challenges. So far we've had these challenges:

Day 1: Go meatleass monday
Day 2: Send a handwritten card or note to someone
Day 3: Try a new workout
Day 4: Get up 15 minutes earlier to meditate/reflect/pray
Day 5: How many different colors can you eat today
Day6/7: Clean out your closet1 Fill a bag and donate it
Day 8: Track your fiber intake. Shoot for 30g
Day 9: Have a salad today and make your own dressing

Today was the day we made our own salad dressing. I was pretty impressed with myself for making one. It was incredibly easy. Here's the recipe for you! I only made a small amount but it can be doubled or tripled even.

Apple Balsamic Dressing:
1 Tbsp Apple Butter
2 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
3 1/2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
fresh ground/cracked pepper to taste

Add all of the ingredients to a bowl or cup with a lid. Shake it up and serve!

I paired this with a salad that had: Mixed greens, pomegranate arils, shredded carrots, apple, walnuts and bleu cheese crumbles. It. Was. Delicious.

I don't know why I don't eat more salads like this. They are so incredibly tasty, good for your and very easy to make.

I don't know if I am 100 % on track to meet my 50lb goal in 50 weeks but I am getting SO close! I don't care if it takes me 55 weeks, I just want to get there. Running has been great lately. I ran my first 10K race on Thanksgiving day and did better than I had hoped. The Tinkerbell Half Marathon is in about 6 weeks. I feel mostly ready. I just need to get a few more long runs under my belt.

So here's where I am at right now:
Current weight: 158.8 lbs
Total loss: 37.2 lbs
Current size: 10

I cannot even explain how good I feel these days!

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