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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Always a Bridesmaid..

"You're in ANOTHER wedding" seems to be the latest catch-phrase people say to me. That and " you need a man in your life" or " why aren't you dating someone"..

Sometimes I wonder if little elves have stapled a sign to my back that says " single". Why do people feel the need to constantly comment on the fact that I am not dating someone? Don't get me wrong, Im not mad or irritated. I actually find it somewhat amusing most of the time. I just wish I could charge a couple bucks each time someone says it. It would take care of my fuel expenses for the whole month! Have you seen the movie "27 Dresses"? GREAT movie. I love it.. and it is the story of my life. Im not even kidding. As I sat in the theater watching I thought "Oh my gosh.. that is totally me and what I go through". I don't have quite so many dresses though. Give me a couple more years!

To answer your question.. yes, I am in another wedding. My oldest brother,Jimmy, is marrying a wonderful woman named Jessica in september. All of us bridesmaids went dress shopping a couple weeks ago. It was so fun meeting the other girls and trying on all sorts of dresses. In a moment of positive thinking I said " we could even wear these dresses again".. yah, not likely. I have never worn a bridesmaid dress more than once. It is a nice thought though.

Over the last few months I have realized how blessed I am by my sister-in-laws. Katie and Jessica are amazing women. I love having our "sister" days. They may be few and far between but definitely priceless. When you take a moment to stop and look around at what you have, reality hits and shows you life is actually pretty good. I may not have a guy in my life right now but I have two sister in laws and a best friend that have made my life so rich and fulfilling.

Whew! That was a little sappy.. but true.

Work has been tremendously busy. Our friends in Northern California are getting hammered with fires caused by lightning. All of us down South are doing what we can to help them. The weather has been CRAZY hot! After 2 minutes outside, it feels as though you didn't even shower that morning. People are still pretty nervous at the first smell of smoke. Here's my latest:
"Fire and Medical Emergency"
" Is there a fire somewhere in ramona? I smell smoke"
"No maam, there's no fires reported in ramona. Do you see smoke"
" Well no, I just smell it. Should I evacuate?"
" At this time that wont be needed. What address are you calling from?"
" Are you going to activate the reverse 911? should i start packing?"
" Not at this time. I will send an engine out to take a look around the area though."
... come to find out her neighbor was having a BBQ.

We treat every call seriously but we still sometimes joke about it when it is all over. It is only June and it has been a busy fire season. My night shift partner is in Alaska on vacation so I am working some 24 nights straight.. I may be insane. Or I will be after I am done working all those nights. The light at the end of the tunnel is going to see "Phantom of the Opera" on July 20th at the Civic. I am SOOO excited! It will be my reward for working so much.

Last week I was robbed of a couple of my days off. I had a case of the 24 hr flu or food poisoning. how lame! I was puking my guts out at work and finally called my Captain over because I couldnt continue working. The next 2 days were aweful. I am never ever sick. I dont think I moved from the couch at all on thursday. Friday I was finally feeling better so I spent the day with Jess Latour and her boys. There's nothing like sitting on the couch with your best bud watching "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". The last couple weeks have been pretty chill. Nothing too exciting going on. Of course with my life that is subject to change at a moments notice.. one slip in the flip flop, one trip on thin air and we have more stories! Stay tuned..

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Jessica Rae said...

Your call about the "fire" was hilarious!