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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The man of my ..uh..dreams???!

I've found him! Life has now changed forever! Here's how it happened:

On Friday I was helping out at a Senior Health Fair. I was at the Burn Institute booth with 2 other volunteers(Judy and Tim). It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day in the fabulous city of Santee. I was sitting at the booth handing out sunscreen, pencils, brochures and telling our older generation about our free Smoke Detector Installation program when I saw him...

Tall, about 6'2 or so, mid 40's, brown hair, blue eyes. He looked very dapper in his outfit: A Brown shirt tucked into his jeans and a pair of greenish-brown sweat pants worn hap-hazardly over those said pair of jeans.

He walked by and stopped by our table. Here was my fatal mistake.. I smiled and said hello. All of a sudden his eyes got really big, a goofy grin on his face and he said hello back. He asked a couple questions and then moved on. That was that.. right? hahahaha NOPE! For the next 2 hours he came by our table every 10 minutes (literally). Even the guys at the table next to us were commenting about is frequent stops. At first I tried to make myself believe he was very interested in the Burn Institute and the work we do. I told myself he was staring at the brochures that were on the table in front of me. My hopes were dashed quickly when I suddenly saw a hand shoved in my face proceeded by a "Hi , my name is Brian". I hear snickers from my other two volunteers(thanks for the support guys). I can't just ignore the guy so I shake his hand and tell him my name. I introduced the other two volunteers but in his eyes they were non-existent. I let go of his hand and he just stood there.. uh awkward! I avoid all eye contact and he finally moves on.

A few minutes later I hear Tim say "Here comes your boyfriend!" and started laughing. Sure enough.. here he comes. He stops by and just stands there.. again. At this point this same scenario has happened about 10 or so times. You know when you can "feel" someone staring at you. I could feel it but I could also SEE it. I think that is even more creepy!

We had about 15 minutes left when my little friend walks past and says (very loudly) "Bye Shannon, it was nice to meet you". Fan-frickin-tastic! Now everyone is staring at me. Judy and Tim burst into laughter. I finshed packing up and was getting ready to take everything to my car when I turned around and saw him coming out of starbucks. I ran to my car..


Jessica and Sean said...

Haha, that's awesome. I could just picture it!

Monte Bear said...

Not only I pictured it but man I am laughing probably just as much as your friends Judy and Tim. Sorry to hear it. Has he been around, have you seen him? Just teasing!!!