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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flour Power

What happens when you have pieces of unwrapped gum, a bowl of flour and a big brother and little sister standing next to eachother? ... Someone with big brothers can probably see where this is going..

The fam was at Collier Park today enjoying the beautiful summer weather with some family from Arizona. We were celebrating my cousin Bethany's birthday. Her mom, Willow, is on the ball and had some "fun" games planned for everyone. She greatly encouraged the adults to get involved. Mom, Jimmy, Katie and I were the brave ones... until Willow explained what the game was.

There were four bowls of flour lined up and each one had unwrapped pieces of bubble gum in it. Without using our hands ( shouts of protest erupted from the adults that were suckered into the game) we had to dig through the flour, find a piece of gum, chew it, blow a bubble and tag our next teammate to do the same. At this point the adults looked at eachother and agreed " we're so screwed".

Jeremy(Katies little brother) was on my team and he went first. He plunged his entire face into the flour and dug like a champ. He emerged looking like Bozo the clown with a stark white face.. sans the funny red nose. But he had a piece of gum.. which quickly got spit out due to the enormous amount of flour that joined that piece of gum as it enetered his little mouth. He spit it out and ran for water. I think " yes! my team is disqualified, Im not gonna have to do it". Unfortunately I had my ambitious 10 yr old niece on my team that was all gun-ho on doing this game. Meanwhile I hear Jimmy next to me plotting to blow all of the flour in my direction. "Bring it on big brother".

Jimmy and I race to our bowls and I start blowing flour out of the way.. (I didn't stick my face in the bowl because I refused to look like a clown myself...) as a cloud of flour dust surrounds me.

I've always said Jimmy was full of hot air and today my point was proven as more and more flour gets blown my way. Finally I say forget the "no hands" rule. I grab a hand full of flour and toss it on Jimmy. Bad move little sis... he grabs his ENTIRE bowl of flour and dumps it on me. Lucky for me he is getting slow in his old age and I was able to grab my bowl and successfully dump it on him! He must have forgotten I have cat-like reflexes! Unfortunately innocent family members were floured during this incident (no injuries though). As I am sitting at home I can still feel the gritty flour all over me. I am finding flour in places flour should never be! Some people just never grow up.. Geez Jimmy.. way to set an example for the little ones! ;)


Jessica Rae said...

Please tell me that someone was taking photos during the festivities & that you're going to post them...

Monte Bear said...

Yeah there, I guess some of us never do grow up. If we did we would not bring fun to peoples lives. I bet you were smiling even though there was flour everywhere.

Monte Bear said...

montebear is no other then montemayor. Yes its me MIchelle!!

Penny said...

ROTFL....OMG that was SO funny, and MOM is the ONLY one that escaped flour mania!