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Monday, July 7, 2008

Time Flies

How in the world is 4th of July weekend over? I basically missed the whole thing. The family kind of split up and did their own thing this year. I atleast got to see Brian, Katie and Peyton for a few minutes before heading to work.

Cousins Julie, Jeremy and little Hannah flew in on the 4th and I have yet to see them. They met up with Brian and his fam, Jimmy and his fam and her sister and her fam to watch fireworks in Temecula. I, of course, was working. I didn't get to see one firework this year.. sad.. Thats the best part!

I can't complain too much though. Work was super busy so it made the night fly by. We had our typical "smoke checks" because people just can't get it through their head that fireworks are ILLEGAL. People are so dumb! They freak out at the mere smell of smoke yet they go out and buy illegal fireworks to play with. Can we say fire hazard? We had a search and rescue operation, child birth and traffic collision w/ extrication.. never a dull moment at the Command Center! Times that by the last 3 nights.. whew!

On a happy note, this week is full of connecting and reconnecting. Yesterday started it all off. My college roommate, Valerie, and her hubby came down to San Diego for lunch. We met in carlsbad at Claim Jumper. Good food and even better company. It has been 3 1/2 yrs since we have seen eachother. We stayed at Claim Jumper for a little over 3 hrs talking. It was great! I love them so much. We agreed that we can't wait so long to hang out!

Today I get to meet baby Hannah. I am so excited! The little stinker foiled my plans by coming 6 weeks early. I was supposed to go to northern Cali to visit Julie and Jeremy in hopes of being there for her birth. Surprise Surprise auntie shannon.. im coming into the world early whether you want me to or not! It will be wonderful to see Julie and Jeremy after so long as well.

And finally, I get to go to Heartland Fire Dispatch and meet my friend Nikki face to face. For almost 2 yrs now we have talked back and forth while at work. She is a sweetheart and we are always joking around. It is fun meeting dispatchers from other agencies. I heard her birthday is this wednesday so I am going to stop by tuesday with a little cake for her. I'm stoked to finally be meeting her.

One more thing.. tonight is the night.. the Bachelorette finale'!!!! Who will she choose? Jason or Jesse? I really don't know. Both are wonderful guys. Jess LaTour and I have a "small" obsession with the show and text constantly while watching it.. discussing it as though DeAnna were a close personal friend and we have some input on her decision. I seriously can't wait! Until then, I am going to get some sleep. Tonight is shift 16 of 24. Only 8 to go!.. whew. I am looking forward to sleeping 12 hrs the night of the 16th(first day off)! Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth.

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