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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And the fun keeps going and going...

I won't lie.. I soaked up my 5 days off! It was like a mini vacation after a lot of work. Ashley and I went to Denny's for some fabulous french toast that we had talked about all night. I said a quick goodbye to Brian before he went out of county then I started my "weekend" with sleep.. lots of sleep. A good 12 hrs Wednesday Night. Thursday was spent running errands and splurging on some things that I have been wanting.

First item on the list.. new face wash. Back in the Day Jess and I frequented Origins,a skin care product store in North County Fair. Over time we both strayed due to being somewhat thrifty and finding it difficult to pay $25 for a small thing of face wash. I walked in the store and the aroma of cleanliness filled my nostrils. The sales person asked if she could help me and a relunctantly accepted her offer. I am generally the independent type and I find things on my own. The hardest part was sheepishly telling her that I once used their products but started using more inexpensive stuff. She took the time to show the products and didn't push anything on me. By the time she was done I had 4 new products and couldn't wait to run home and wash my face. I was tempted to ditch the rest of my errands to go home and lather up. Yet I still had to go buy new shampoo/conditioner. After making that second purchase I was on cloud 9! I love new cleaning/skin care products!
Friday was all about being a girl. Starting the day off with my BFF. Watching yet ANOTHER episode of the Bachelorette. She's so smart! I didn't even know it was going to be on but she captured it on DVR! Have I mentioned how fantastic that invention is? Seriously! We had very yummy iced Coffee, Girl Talk, Wendy's for lunch and topping it all off by getting our toenails done. There's nothing quite like sitting in a massage chair next to your best bud and chatting about the latest Celebrity Gossip we were reading in the magazines. She's one in a million I tell ya! Shortly after that I was off to Katie's for a girls game night. If you think you are a smart person.. play Mad Gab... it will make you sound/feel stupid but it is the funniest game. We had a ton of snackies and even more laughter! The best part was listening to Summer as she was trying to say the words on the card. She always sounded like she had some kind of accent. I thought I was going to pee my pants for sure!

The fun didn't stop with pretty toes and game night. Saturday was the Burn Institute Fire Expo/Burn Run at Qualcom Stadium. I got there around 930am and the set up was well under way. I was in charge of the "Ping Pong" kidddie game. We had a kiddie pool full of floating glass bowls. You had to try to get the ping pong ball to land in the glass bowls. Easy enough right? NOPE!! Of course, all of us adults had to "test" our games before the event started and we all failed this game.. miserably! The kids had fun doing it. I figured I would end up in that said pool at some point during the day. I was surrounded by ropes, tables, caution tape... aka.. things to trip over. By some miracle I did not fall into the pool!! It was a close call when Justen came running up behind me with Jimmy saying "Justen push Auntie in the pool".
Left: The Burn Run including fire apparatus from all over SD County
Right: Dispatchers from US Forest Service and Me from Cal Fire at our Booths.

Not only where there a ton of booths and things to see but also the Firefighter Challenge. Staci and I were walking around the back of the challenge when she suddenly lost the ability to speak. I look at her and say "Staci, what is wrong with you. Finish what you were saying". Then I followed where her eyes were looking. Behind us was the rest area for the firefighter challenge. It just so happened to be the place where the worn out firefighters took off there sweaty shirts in an attempt to cool down. Of course they kept their turnout pants on. I too was speechless other than a quiet WOW that slipped out of my mouth. Quick.. someone call 911.. I think my heart stopped.. oh wait I AM 911... Staci.. grab the firefighters.. tell them I need mouth to mouth :) just kidding. I didn't say that. (But you better believe I thought it).
My amazing weekend was topped off by seeing Phantom of the Opera at the San Diego Civic with Ashley and her family. In a word.. amazing! When Phantom began to sing I got chills. His voice was absolutely incredible!!!! I laughed at Ashley and her mom and they passed around Kleenex before the show. I asked if they expected to cry and they said they cry at everything. I giggled and settled in my chair as the lights dimmed and the ever-so-familiar Overture began. Come the end of the show I was so wrapped up in the story and atmosphere that I had started crying. With a simple glance and smile, Ash handed me a kleenex. haha.. guess i should have kept my mouth shut about crying. We ended our evening by cruising a few streets in downtown and ended up at Extraordinary Desserts. (Not the one where someone got shot..that one is in hillcrest). I have never seen so many yummy treats in one room. I opted for the Chocolate Coffee Cake. SOO good but so rich. I didn't even finish half of it. It was the perfect way to end a wonderful weekend. I am fully rested and back to the daily grind of work.


Angela said...

Hi, Shannon! I totally understand your Origins story, as the MAC counter in Nordstroms is my weak spot!!! I only go intending to buy one or two splurges, and end up walking out convincing myself that I'll do better the next time...
Take care!!!

Jessica Rae said...

You deserve all that Origins-goodness. She works hard for the money, right?

Love ya!