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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today was the annual family trip to Bates Nut Farm. We had a great time as usual. We talked a lot about how this year was so different than the other years. The first year it was freezing cold and last year was super windy and the day all the fires started. I am fairly certain I just finished getting all the dirt and hay from last year out of my eyes 3 days ago! About half way through our trip it got mighty hot. So what do we expect next year? Snow?

Much to our surprise there wasn't a huge line of cars waiting to get into the place. There were plenty of people there but it seems the King family and about 14 other stragglers are the only ones that didn't get up at the crack of dawn to pick out the world's best pumpkin. Trust me, I'm not complaining. Whether we get there at opening or 5 minutes before closing, there would be plenty of pumpkins waiting for us.. so why go so early?

I didn't have a hard time picking out a pumpkin this year. I turned around and there it was... practically screaming " pick me! pick me!" and waving its non-existent pumpkin arms in my direction. Slightly flawed on one side but one perfect side just waiting for this years carving creation.
My poor family gracefully put up with my incessent picture taking (with my new Panasonic Lumix camera). How can you resist the Kodak moment when there are wood cut-outs of farmers and their families and a tractor stenciled with "Bates Nut Farm" on the side?

I brought the crowd to a halt and ushered them into perfect picture taking form constantly throughout the day. They may poke fun BUT who was the one that had their battery charged yet forget to actually put it in their camera, bring the camera with yet forget to take it out of the diaper bag or realize that their camera is M.I.A. and is lost somewhere in their home... not I!! ;) The day was full of hay rides, corn/hay mazes,pumpkin hunting, food, and did I mention picture taking?

Brian, Katie, Peyton and I made a quick trip to Rincon CDF station to see Miss Becki after we left bates. Peyton loved her and we met the sweetest little station kitten. Of course all the guys turned to mush when they met Peyton. Then off we went to Jimmy and Jessica's for baking/goodie making and dinner and yes.. more picture taking. The guys took the kids outside and carved pumpkins while the ladies stayed inside to make all sorts of sweets.
Jessica made some yummy Fudge:Maple and Rocky Road along with some sugar cookies (always a family favorite). Katie made cupcakes and I made Apple Cider Donuts and Caramel Corn.

The Apple Cider donuts were a new adventure. The Julian Pie Co. makes the yummiest apple cider donuts. I thought I would be ambitious and try making them myself. The recipe is actually pretty easy and they aren't that hard to cook. We all know I am not the world's most graceful person so working with a whole pot of boiling hot oil was a little nerve racking. I ended up with a couple minor burns on my wrist and finger. Not too shabby for someone with my caliber of grace. However, I did successfully cover myself and Jessica's kitchen in flour and cinnamon-sugar. My dad always used to tell me I dirty ever dish in the kitchen when I cook one thing. Tonight I think I started to believe that. I looked around her kitchen and to my horror.. I had stuff everywhere! I was literally using 3 countertops! Oops! I am just going to use the excuse that I wasn't in my own kitchen, therefore I was a little out of sorts.

The food was great, all the goodies were sugary and super yummy and the company was exceptional as usual. Everything was divided up for each household and we all went on our way. I am super tired now. Who knew baking and searching for a pumpkin could take so much energy out of you?! I love my family though. I am so glad we have started these types of traditions. I look forward to the years to come. Until then I have a pumpkin to carve and many chores to do. But I think for now I am just going to sleep. My carved Pumpkin pics to come soon!


Penny said...

Read my lips Shannon....NO SNOW next year!! LOLOL...
Ah...but it WAS a wonderful day, wasn't it? And as soon as you get yourself in gear and either email me the pics, or post them on your Myspace page so that I can 'steal' them, I'll blog MY perspective of our Bates trip-and post pics! LOL...It's fun to read everyone's own words and how they were touched ny the day.

Penny said...

Ok so I should've signed in first I guess...will finish my statement here I guess ;)
As I was saying, before I was so rudely inturrupted by the computer deciding to post my comment BEFORE I was done...
It is nice to have a perspective from everyone that attended, and to see what they personally experienced. Hmm...they all need to get blogs!
I had a wonderful time, watching my kids and grandkids have a wonderful time...and I definitely look forward to next year already....MINUS the snow! ;)

Jessica Rae said...

Any leftover cider donuts?!

Penny said...

LOL...I had no choice. My camera wasn't 'working', remember? LOLOL

Penny said...

P.S....How do I 'fix' MY blog so it doesn't look stupid?