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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Let's just say I have been a bit behind on the blog lately. So much has gone one. Last week seemed to fly by. I actually had all 3 of my days off and of course, I was sick. I got a bit of a cold sometime early last week. This is a very rare experience for me. I think my last cold was literally 5 years ago. When I returned to work on saturday I was super congested and friends out in the field kept texting " what's wrong with you".. Thanks for noticing. I am mostly back to normal now.
Wednesday I mostly just hung out at home but I did muster the energy to finally carve my pumpkin. I love how it turned out. It had a small resemblence to "Bob the Tomato" fron Veggie Tales though. not on purpose..

I was hurting for some BFF time with Jessica so she lovingly invited me up to her place on Thursday to hang out. She let me sit on her couch with a blankie and just veg out. We took the kids outside at the end of the evening and I got a kick out of watching them ride their bikes down the driveway. Jessica and her pregnant self drew a "road" with sidewalk chalk down their driveway turning it into the LaTour speedway.

It was all fun and games but my energy and the way I was feeling starting going down hill. As I left the LaTour's I felt like I had been run over by a truck. So I just came home and slept.

Finally Halloween was here and I couldn't wait. I had procrastinated on buying candy and it resulted in getting second best candies. I mean, twizzlers? YUCKY. Others love them but I am Red Vines girl 100%. The rest like Nerds, M & M's, Baby Ruth are all classics and I was able to obtain some of those. I raced down the hill to get supplies for the Goodie bags I was making for all the kids. I found things like cracker jacks, boxes of animal crackers, play dough, pencils, stickers, and glow sticks for all of my little ones. I loved having all of them come over and show off their costumes. I've always wanted to be a fun aunt and make holidays and occasions special. Unfortunately Alissa and Justen were at their mom's so they couldn't stop by. I did get to see them in their costumes a week earlier when they stopped by my work after their school carnival. I have yet to give them their treat bags though.. can we say slacker?

In a moment of nostalgia I picked up some small treat bags. Way back when; my Grandma Ferguson used to get these little white treat bags and fill them with candy for all the neighbor kids. A day or two before Halloween we would spend a few hours putting 3 or 4 pieces of candy in hundreds of these bags. Kids used to line up at her door to get these treats! I only got a bag of 40 though. Much to my dismay I only had about 5 Trick or Treaters come to my door. There are a ton of little kids in my complex and I was hoping they would make a lap around here before or after conquering the Main Street festivities. And a side note to my family: I didn't not stand outside my door yelling " I have candy" to the neighbor kids like I threatened. My candy handing out time was limited because we were celebrating my Dad's bday. So.. I packed up all my candy and treat bags and headed to Jimmy and Jessica's. I was sure they would get more kids there.. not so much. Maybe only another 5 or so.. in which Jessica and I raced to the door in hopes to be the one to hand out our candy.

It was a good week eventhough I was plagued with a rare illnesss. I know many christians don't celebrate halloween because it is deemed an "evil" holiday. But when I thought about it.. having a "harvest party" with costumes, games, and candy is STILL a form of celebrating. You are just calling it something different. I highly doubt most of the kids running up and down main street know the real history behind halloween. I doubt most adult know as well. Take a look at the link.. its kind of an interesting story.

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