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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

"Truvy:What are you colors?
Shelby:Blush and bashfull!
M'Lynn:Her colors are pink and pink.
Shelby:My colors are blush and bashfull
M'Lynn: That sanctuary looks like it's been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol
Shelby: I like Pink. Pink is my signature color."

The above exchange between ladies from "Steel Magnolias" seems so fitting for the baby shower we just had for Jessica. The day went better than I had ever expected. Jessica does so much for others and she deserved the absolute best. By-golly I think we pulled it off this time! I was blessed to have help from her mom and sister in laws. The deal was to plan it and not tell jess any of the details... but frankly.. that is impossible for me. We've been best friends for 13 yrs now. She is literally the other half of my brain! I HAVE to call her and bounce ideas off of her, have her listen as I talk through an idea. I think she was still surprised with what she saw.

The day was perfect. Even the part where I made up a game. I had a basic idea about what I wanted to do for the game but hadn't figured out the logistics. So about 5 minutes before we started I thought of the idea. The teams got so into it they thought of team names that incorporated the baby shower theme!!! We had the "Sugar Mamas" " Sugar Babies" and "Spice Girls". I loved it.

Sometimes I get ideas in my head but have a hard time executing them. Fortunately they turn out better that I expect(usually). The cupcakes were not at all what I had wanted to do but they were adorable. I have gotten so many compliments on them. Here are some pics from the day:


Penny said...

And what a wonderful shower it was! You did awesome, as usual.
You & Jess are blessed by your friendship, and I hope you'll be BFF for decades to come...love you both!

Jessica Rae said...

Oh, I heart my baby shower. You guys are amazing and it was more fun than I could ever imagine.

Thanks for being you and all the incredible-ness that you radiate. Love you ♥