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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Nothing brings more clarity to ones mind than sitting on the beach, listening to music on your iPod and watching the waves crash to the shore. I spent a small portion of my morning hanging out on Carlsbad State Beach. The wind was whipping and the sand was blowing but it was a great place to sit and clear my head. I am not a huge fan of seagulls so the only thing that kept me from relaxing 100% was the fear that a seagull would fly over and douse me with bird doo. Yuck.

It rained my whole way home so by the time I got here I was ready for a hot cup of coffee and to light my most favorite fall/winter candle. Spruce & Citrus. It smells exactly like a Christmas Tree. I would like to carry it around with me everywhere so could I smell it all day long. My purse isn't quite big enough for that and hanging the candle on a string and putting it around my neck may be considered a bit much to people. Wait until you smell it though.. you may change your mind.

Today has done wonders for the things that were weighing on my mind. The beach was exactly what I needed. Eventhough it was really cold. I even got a good laugh when I watched a surfer trying to be cool but ended up hitting himself in the face with a surfboard. No worries, he wasn't hurt. He just got a little bop to the noggin. I couldn't help but laugh. Mostly because I could see myself doing the same thing... if I was a surfer.


Montebear said...

A relaxing morning at the beach. That great, its good thing that you were able to relax and find yourself again.

Jessica Rae said...


Sounds like a perfect start to a kind of crazy week, huh? ♥

Lori said...

Oh I miss the beach...