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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Back in my last blog I mentioned the ideas of everyone at work getting together and makng bunches of cookies for our fire stations. I was so fired up at the idea I couldn't even sleep that day! I am still super fired up! The best part is that everyone at work is totally on board for it! so the "official" name is (another drum roll please)

(1st annual) "MVICC Christmas Cookie Capers"

I will be the Caper Commander for North county and I designated my friend Staci as the Caper Commander of South county. Before I could make a sign up sheet people were asking where they could sign up to help! So I developed this: ( see if you can actually read what the cartoon says! funny stuff)

The excitement of everyone else makes me want to run out into a green field with my arms wide open bursting into song singing " the hills are alive with the sound of cookies"... ok so it doesn't have as much ring to it as the original version but you get the point. :)


Penny said...

LOL...I love it! And especially since the cartoon bears one of your favorite phrases! 'For the love of God!'...LOLOL...it's perfect!
That's what those firefighters are gonna be saying after they get bombarded with all those yummy goodies! Can you say 'extra PT'???

Jessica Rae said...


And I LOVE the cartoon. Too perfect ♥

Carrie said...

what an excellent idea! You always come up with the coolest things, and so heartwarming for those people that you touch. :) Congrats on making it official!