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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voting Confessions

Here's a confession for you.. I didn't vote yesterday. I am sure some of you just passed out reading that. My dad probably being the first. But before you get all huffy about it, let me explain.

I watched both Presidential and Vice Presidential debates and through out the months I have been totally undecided. I liked and disliked things about both candidates. The way McCain bashed Obama in some of his speeches was undermining and childish in my opinion. To me Obama was more respectful towards McCain. Both stood on issues that I agreed and disagree with. However, on occasion I felt Obama was somewhat of a schmoozer (sp?).

Being a Christian, most people would expect me to vote and to vote for McCain who stood against issues such as abortion. People say it is my responsibility. Let me ask you this though: If I am undecided on which candidate to vote for and it is my "responsibility" to vote.. is it right to do "rock, paper scissors" or flip a coin to choose who to vote for? Is that really the responsible way of handling things? It was also a very historical election but is it right to vote just because it is historical? For me, I believe I made the right decision on not voting. My heart was not in the right place and I wouldn't have been able to stand 100% behind my decision.

I have mixed feelings on Obama winning. In some ways I think it is a good change for the USA. We have made leaps and bounds when it comes to racism and I think that shows in the results of the votes. I believe it was time for a non-white person or a woman to be President and/or Vice President. In other ways I am wondering how Obama will change things and if our economy will really get better.

I think people forget that 4 and 8 yrs ago Bush seemed like the cure-all to many people. Most people stood behind the war in Iraq shortly after 9/11 but as time went on people became bitter and resented the fact that our troops are still over there. Think of the tremendous pressure put on the President of the United States. Bush was far from perfect, as we all are. Obama is also far from perfect. He will make decisions that none of us like but I also believe he may make some changes we will like. Atleast that is the hope I have.

So here's the thing.. whether you like it or not, Obama is the new President-Elect of our amazing country. If you believe in our country, believe in our president... whether you voted for him or not doesn't matter. Stand as one country together. Fight to keep the freedom we have worked so hard to obtain. Be gracious and keep an open mind.

Even at this moment, knowing the results, I am not sure who I would have voted for. So there you have it folks.. the confession of a non-voter.


Penny said...

I believe that you did the right thing for YOU. You have to vote your conscience, and sometimes there isn't a 'lesser of the two evils', as in this case (in MY opinion'). Voting is a very personal matter, and no one has the right to criticize anyone else.
To thine own self be true.

Carrie said...

the great thing about our country is the RIGHT to vote. That doesn't mean that you have to exercize it. If you don't believe in a canidate, or do not have an opinion on a proposition, it is your right as a citizen to NOT vote. So YAY! You used your right to choose! :) I have done that in the past and I think it is up to everyone to choose.

Montebear said...

I get sad when I here people not vote, I understand about the President part, you could have left it blank. What do you think about the propositions that we have as California?
But I know that I know where you are coming from. The ones I hate to hear are the ones who don't vote and complain about everything and they don't do anything about it. I am not sure if you knew but I am part of my college Student government and I am wowed at how things work out and have somewhat a better understanding on how it works. Let me tell it can get confusing real quick but I love it. I hope all is well and I am not looking down om you and your choice. I think its cool we all have a choice and how we use it. Don't worry God will be with us through it all. I hope you are doing well. TTFN

Jessica and Sean said...

Hey I did the same thing! haha I feel kind of bad, but in Utah I knew McCain would win either way so whatever. I know, I know...SOOO not the right attitude, but I didn't really like either one so I couldn't decide.

Angela said...

Hey girl, thanks so much for your honesty! I felt really encouraged reading what you had to say. Sometimes making the choice not to vote is really the best decision, especially when undecided.

Melissa Ansley said...

I didn't vote either, and you had a better reason. :)