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Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Happens When...

What happens when 911 needs 911? It is a constant running joke in the command center. The funny thing was, 911 actually needed 911 last week when the command center started filling with smoke. Just in case you were wondering... that's a bad thing.. for numerous reasons. Our dispatchers called the local dispatch agency and had them send someone over. There is also a fire station on the same compound as the command center. Those two engines headed to the command center to check things out. Turns out part if the air conditioning unit was burning out. This left us with a smelly/smokey room and no air conditioning for 3 days. Good times.

What happens when you are sitting in bed reading and the power goes out? Sleep? nah.. you do what every other person in my complex did.. jump up, grab some type of light source and head outside to investigate.

Here I was minding my own business, reading, thinking to myself I needed to go to sleep because I could barely keep my eyes open when I heard an explosion and everything went black. The lights came on briefly then there was a second explosion and things went black again. The explosions sounded close so I hopped out of bed, tripped on my cell phone cord, kicked the laundry basket I hadn't moved and fumbled my way to the living room. I was thinking I had a flashlight somwhere but I couldnt, for the life of me, remember where. I found my candle lighter and lit almost every candle in my apartment. I grabbed my shoes and a candle and headed outside. Leslie(one of our night dispatchers) kept me updated on events via text message. Even the part where the units from Station 80 couldnt get the equiptment out of the building because the electricity was out there too. OOPS! They had to manually open the bay door.. probably in the dark or very dim light. Long story short, a vehicle slammed into a power pole near Ramona and H streets.

A disheaveled bedroom, pounding heart and stubbed toe later, I decided I was no longer sleepy. What are you supposed to do when it is pitch black in your home? Sleep I guess but I was wide awake after the explosions. I ended up laying here for a while thinking. Then finally came to the conclusion... I need to buy some flashlights! Oh and FYI.. just watched a show I recorded last night.. of course the power went out 10 min before it was over so it didn't record the last 10 min!! Bummer! I was hoping my DVR would work a miracle and record the rest of it.

Oh yah.. also thought about how christmas is just about 3 months away.. CRAZY! I have gotten a jump on things though. I have half of the stocking stuffers bought and gifts completed for 2 people. I decided to write a list and keep track of what I have bought for who. I always try to start shopping early but I lose track of what I have gotten. Not this year though! I can't wait for Christmas! 85 days to go!

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Penny said...

LOL....and I slept through the whole thing, as usual, but Dad woke up. Checked the CHP website this morning, and they had a blood tech dispatched to the scene...is that pretty common?