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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Mr and Mrs James R. King!

My oldest brother just tied the knot last night. It was a beautiful day and an even more beautiful wedding and reception. Jessica is an amazing woman and I am so thankful to have her as one of my sister-in-laws!

There was a lot of blood, sweat and tears that went into making this wedding happen. Blood you say? Yes.. literally. The night of the rehersal I was walking in the dark to my car when I rammed my freshly pedicured foot into a loose piece of asphalt. It hurt like crazy but I kept going. It felt kinda funny so when I got to my car I turned on a light and sure enough.. my foot was covered in blood. That moment reminded me of Romy and Michele's High School reunion when Romy said "will you excuse me, I cut my foot earlier and my shoe is filling up with blood." then she hobbles away. I was wearing flip flops so the shoe wasn't "filling" but it was all over. I headed back into the house for a wash cloth and band aid. Ouchie!

Katie and I headed down to Escondido early(7:15am) Saturday morning to meet up with the Bride and Matron of Honor to get our hair done. I grabbed some super yummy muffins and bagels from Big Apple Bagels. We munched on the goodies and chatted, joked, laughed for hours while we got our hair done. It was relaxing.
Once Jess was done, the Matron of Honor hopped in the chair and Jess, Katie and I headed to Michael's for a couple things. We had to make a couple stops so we decided to divide and conquer. I dropped Katie and Jessica off in front of Mervyn's and Hallmark then headed to Target. We were done in less that 15 min! We got a couple funny looks from people but we had fun. When everyone was done at the salon we headed to the hotel to get ready. Katie and I grabbed lunch for everyone on the way. We spent some time just hanging out before everyone arrived.
Pictures, pictures and more pictures were being taken. It was great though. The ceremony was short and sweet. I cried during the sand ceremony though. I just couldn't hold it back. The sand ceremony is kinda like a unity candle ceremony. Representing separate lives becoming one. They had Justen and Alissa join them. Tear jerker! Only teared up again during the Father-Daughter dance (gets me every time) and the Mother- Son dance.... and the Bride and Grooms forst dance... and when dad dedicated a song to mom.. ok fine.. I was an emotional wreck! :) It was all beautiful.

We danced, laughed, took more pics.. And has some amazing food! I didn't get to eat nearly enough. Maybe a few bites of roasted pig (yes, they really roasted a pig.. it was cool), rice and a rolled up something or other. It all came together nicely. I can't believe it is all over. Months and months of anticipation and it is done now. How quickly it comes and goes!
The photographer was a great! Super nice, got things done quickly.. definitely going to recommend her to other people! We even did a funny "jumping" shot when we were at the park. At which time brian says to me " shannon maybe you shouldnt be jumping".. ok ok.. one happy jump gone wrong and I never get to live it down! Just for the record.. we did the jumping photos and I didn't fall.. not even a stumble! So HA!

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FIBBER! said...

You didn't fall? I thought you would never lie!