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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ta Da!!!

Well folks.. here it is.. the infamous Wedding Cake for Jimmy and Jessica's wedding. I have to say I am pretty darn proud of it. I started baking last Sunday. I figure each layer takes about an hour or so to bake. There were 4 tiers, each tiers w/ 3 layers and only one oven. That's a lot of baking time. Stretching it out over the week made it way less stressful. I knew I would have plenty of time.

Much to my surprise everything went well in the baking department. I didn't have to re-make any of the layers because of breakage! That's probably a first.

Everything was going great until I had to transport it to Valley Center. Hwy 78... not the straightest road in the world. The rehersal was at 430 and I was desperately trying to be on time. I decided to get my pedicure after I finished the cake. That was a good idea until I sat in the spa chair for a good 10min before someone started helping me. The clock was ticking and I could feel it. It was like this pounding ticking in my head " better hurry up or youre going to be late". Stop the voices! ahhh! So I kept glancing at the clock and time seemed to be flying by. Those of you who get pedicures know that it isn't something that should be rushed! not fair! To top it off the lady didn't even ask what color I wanted. She just started painting them this redish-pink color... uhhh.. I have the brown I wanted to use... So she removed the other color from my 4 toes (she's quick) and she started over. Then all I wanted was a simple yellow flower. She just kept going with the detail! A slash of color here, a nother color there.. all the time I hear "tick tick tick tick" from the clock.. in perfect rythm with my heart. In the end I love the design.

My heart was pounding. I booked it from the salon(with wet toe nails) and back home to box up the cake and make the journey north. I loaded it and off I went... at 10mph. Just kidding. It felt like I was going that slow. Pretty sure I drove about 30-35mph down the 78. No one was behind me. Around the curves I could hear a couple of the cakes slide and hit the side of the box. I cringed with every "thwap, thwap". I imagined i would find a mangled mess by the time I got to the Longs'. My nerves were shot by the time I got there. I think I was shaking a little. The cake arrived relatively unharmed.
On the day of the wedding I was at the hotel getting ready with the girls. I left about 15 min before the rest so I could set up the cake. To my horror, guests had already started arriving! NOO! You are only supposed to see the finished product! Not my retarded way of setting things up! Oh well. I was rushing around trying to get it set up.. I recruited the groomsmen to help carry stuff.. It was fine until people started saying hi to me. They were literally chasing me around the table "Stop for a sec, I just want to say hi". Seriously people.. time crunch. Can't I see you at the reception?? It was slightly comical though. In the end it turned out great. I got a lot of compliments and even got a little teary-eyed when Brian said the my family " this is definitely her best one yet". Then he laughed at me when he comfirmed I was pretty proud of myself for a job well done :)

P.S. I was only about 10 min late to the rehersal..


Jessica Rae said...

You should be VERY proud, it's incredible ♥

Any leftovers?!

Montebear said...

Hey Shannon, It really looks GREAT!! Maybe I should Hire you for my kids b-day cakes no wait that would be to long of a drive. Maybe one day I will hire ou to bake me a cake!!

Anonymous said...

hey shannon, where was your brothers wedding and how long have you been making cakes? do you only make them for family or other people too...just wondering cause we are getting married....message me on myspace, i would love to catch up

christina swelland