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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flower Power

My BFF Jessica is amazing and has already given me some pics from Jessica Long's bridal shower. I thought I would share a few. Everything went really well and I think Jessica enjoyed herself. Its amazing how much work goes into one of these things. Totally worth it though! Here's some pictures of the decorations, centerpieces, Peyton and me with my amazing Sister-In-Laws. Most people know that I love fresh flowers but I am not into floral print that much. For whatever reason "flowers" were kind of the theme for the shower. For party favors I even wrapped up little teracotta pots with packets of wild flower seeds for people to plant in honor of Jessica and her upcoming wedding. Everything felt very summer-like and the day turned out just as I had hoped. Eventhough it was Africa-Hot that day!We all survived by sipping on the yummiest mint lemondae.. compliments of Jess LaTour.. and ice cold water and iced tea.


Jessica Rae said...

It was perfect.

Just never take my advice again on Little Smokies. The bigger the quantity, the better.

Penny said...

LOL...what Jess said...seriously though, the shower turned out wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work...Love you!