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Thursday, September 11, 2008

What the Skunk?!?!?!!

Feeling somewhat blah last night I decided to go walking. Mostly because I knew my body needed the exercise and somewhat because I don't want to be huffing and puffing around the firefighters next month at the Breast Cancer walk.

Picture a cool evening, stars shining, moon glowing, great tunes on the ole iPod. The fresh air making you feel refreshed and alive when.. there it is... the distinct smell that raises the hair on the back of your neck and your eyes to become the size of saucers. A skunk...

I started looking around, hoping it is no where close to where I was at. I was walking past Ramona Sta 80 when I smelled it so I figured the little rascal was in the field across the street. Let's be honest, that smell could cut through steel. And travels quite far as well. I continued scanning the area but kept my pace fast. The only problem was that the smell was getting stronger. Did that mean I was getting closer or was I just following the path of the rank odor?

A car pulled up to the stop sign at 11th and H st and then I saw it.. the familiar fluffy black and white tail.... illuminated by headlights. In one swift move I jumped about 3 ft off the ground and 5 ft backwards then froze. Little Pepe' La Pew was climbing into the storm drain. No problem except I had no other choice but to walk past said storm drain in order to get home. At that moment I feared the worst.. I would start to walk by , he would jump out of the storm drain ninja style, spray me, then scamper away. Leaving me to walk into a grocery store to purchase their entire stock of tomato juice. I took a deep breath and ran past the storm drain, across the street, and about a block down the street.
I cautiously turned around and little Pepe' was no where to be found. As I arrived home I was shocked that I came out of the situation relatively unscathed. I didn't fall while jumping in the air (which from previous blogs you should know this has been a problem), I didn't fall into the street and get hit by a car nor did I have a face to tail encounter with my black and white smelly friend. You never know what mood those little guys are in. He couldv'e been having a bad night and taken it out on me. Afterall, not all skunks can be as charming as this guy:

Here's a little Skunk Smell removal link.. just in case

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