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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet Memory

Isn't funny how little things will remind you of your childhood? The other day I was reminded about random after school treats we used to get as kids. My mom picked us up every day from school and on occasion she would spring a surprise on us. One of my all-time favorites was " lets go to McDonalds and get an ice cream cone". IM In!! I rarely got a cone though. I opted for the equally delicious Butterscotch Sundae. Nothing can beat the vanilla soft serve covered in warm, gooey butterscotch and topped with a healthy dose of peanuts. Mom would usually get the cone. It was funny to watch her race to catch the drips as she drove home. I guess licking an ice cream cone is easier than scooping from a cup while driving. Either way it was the perfect little treat to finish off a long day at school. I never experienced a bad childhood. It was fantastic to be honest. My parents are selfless and did everything for us. I know sometimes they think they didn't do enough because we didn't have a lot but what they don't realize is little things like this stick out to us kids and it makes us appreciate them even more.
So today I endulged in my childhood memory and got a $1 Butterscotch Sundae. It was heavenly!


Jessica Rae said...


I'm drooling. Those are my favorite.

Penny said...

Awww...thx Shann...sometimes I wonder if we were 'good enough' as parents, and when one of our kids says something like this, it makes me realize that yeah, we did good....after all, you and your brother are simply the BEST!