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Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's here!

Football Season has officially started! WOOHOO! Which means my fantasy football team can start earning points! yes! I sent out an official "trash talking" text message to all the teams in our league and recieved a couple jabs in return. It is all so good-natured and funny. It makes the games more fun. Brian kept up his trash talking when he saw my roster and realized I didn't put in one of the wide recievers from the New York Giants. Like a dope I created my roster just after the draft was complete and didn't change anything. That wide reciever would have earned me 13 points tonight. Combined with my quarter back (also from the Giants) I would have earned 24 points tonight. Lesson learned! Never fear.. the Ghostriders are slightly in the lead with 11 points.

On a bigger note this weekend is Jessica's bridal shower. I am SO excited. I really hope she likes everything. Just when you think things aren't going to turn out right, they do! The Matron of Honor has been ordering some supplies and shipping them to my place. One minor detail missed.. she forgot to put my apartment number on the shipping info. Oops! No worries, everything got here! Purely a miracle.

My day was spent playing with Peyton. We hung out at Auntie Shannons for a while, went to Costco and to Monte Vista Communications (my job) to see some friends. She is so smiley and happy. We even had a little cuddle time while we both napped on the couch. Only draw back is that she is a little heater when she sleeps. She was laying on my chest and we were both sweating. A little sweat is well worth the snuggles of an 8month old! I look at Alissa (10) and Justen (8) and I am amazed how big they are. I sometimes try to hold them like babies but I usually get a roll of the eyes from Alissa with a " TeeTee, Im not a baby anymore" followed by her little girl giggle when I tickle her. True true but she will always be my little "bear"! I remember sharing my bed with those two a couple times when they were little. They too were little heaters. I even ended up sleeping on the floor once because they were both sprawled on my bed. I loves these little kids. They are growing up way too fast for me!

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