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Monday, September 8, 2008

Inspirations and New Adventures!

One of the first times I went to visit the command center (prior to employment) I met a woman name Chris Hess. She instantly made me feel welcomed and she was eager to show me things. I asked Brian if he knew her and he said yes. He told me that she has been a Captain with CDF for a number of years. I found out she was the first female Captain for CDF EVER! Thats a pretty amazing accomplishment. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer quite a few years ago and she survived it. She had a full mastectomy. She pushed and pushed and overcame the disease.

I tell you, other than the lack of boobies, you would never know she was once plaqued by such a serious illness! She is full of life, funny, outgoing and gives the best hugs forever. I was so excited to get hired with CDF because I would have the opportunity to work with her. She is really an amazing person. She has always inspired me so I have decided to dedicate my walk to her.

So, when my friend Becki approached me about walking with "Team Peas" in the Inland Empire Breast Cancer 5K (3miles)walk, I jumped at the chance. I was unable to walk with them last year but I am all over it this year! I can't even explain how excited I am! I set up my webpage and anyone who wants to can make a donation. I was little worried about having an amount I HAD to raise but it is totally not like that. The team has a goal and we are allowed to set personal goals. I set my personal goal at $500. I would absolutely love to raise more than that! Much to my pleasure, people have already donated $325!!!!! I have had the website for less than 24 hrs. I cant even express how excited and grateful I am that people are donating. I have already recruited 2 friends to walk with me. The team is made up of CDF employees and their friends and family! So.... if you would like to donate money or sign up to walk with us, click here. If you are signing up to walk, it is a $27 registration fee. Just make sure you sign up on the team section and click on Team Peas. If you can't walk you can also sign up for "sleep in for the cure". You register ($16) and it supports our team but you dont have to walk. Easy as that. If anyone wants more info, email me! JCsKiddo@hotmail.com

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