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Friday, January 1, 2010

Fresh Start.. Week 1

Getting back on the weight loss track means some hard core discipline on my part. A while back I was given a meal and workout plan from my Drill Sgt. Well,the plan is back and the Drill Sgt. is going to be tougher than ever. I will take things one week at a time. So, if anyone wants a little help losing some weight of their own, I've decided to share the plan. Modify it to fit things you like to eat but make sure you're eating more protein and good carbs than fats. Measure out your food (this is a huge one) and make yourself go to the gym. And yes, you have to eat this many times a day to keep your metabolism going! One other thing.. water, water, water! Drink atleast 4-5 bottles of water a day.

Day 1 Meals:
Breakfast- 1 Bowl of oatmeal (not instant!! use steeled or rolled oats) with 1tbsp flexseed meal and a dash of cinnamon mixed in.
1 Medium Banana
Morning Snack- Protein Bar ( I eat Cliff protein bars) or 1 cup fruit
Lunch- Small Turkey Sandwhich. Use reduced sodium turkey, reduced fat cheese (one slice only), whole wheat or whole grain bread, NO MAYO! I use roasted red pepper Hummus.. good for protein. Use Romane,Red or Green Leaf lettuce. Iceberg has z-e-r-o nutritional value!
1-2 Cups veggies
Afternoon Snack- Protein Shake. I use 100% Any Whey protein powder. Low in calories and fat, no added preservatives or chemicals. Use 1 scoop powder, 8oz water or fat free milk and 1 cup fruit of your choice
Dinner- Small Salad (use a large variety of veggies and an oil based dressing) and small baked chicken breast (no more than 4oz)

Day 1 Workout:
25 jumping jacks for warm up
25 min intense cardio: jogging, fast walking, eliptical
Chest/tricep weights: 3 sets of 12 reps on each
10min stretching after workout.

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