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Friday, December 30, 2011

Bumble Bee 5K

My race bib
A few months ago my friend, Katie Hotze, told me about this race. She was going to be in town from New York.So Katie, our friend Abby and I all signed up.

I knew there would be a lot of people at this event.

1) It was downtown
2) There was a parade afterwards
3) LOTS of people were still on break/vacation

I left my house at 745am. i figured that would give me plenty of time to get down there, find parking and warm up before the 945am start time.

I was really nervous about finding my way around downtown but not really about the race itself. I bugged Abby and my friend Nick about directions. God bless those two!

The traffic was insane. I went up and down the streets then looped around and did it again. ALL of the parking lots were full. At one point I was on the phone with Katie asking where I could go when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a motorcycle cop. Then heard the blurp of a siren. Dang it...
I basically hung up on Katie and tossed my phone on the front seat next to me. I "Pulled over" (as best you can on a street jammed with vehicles). I rolled down my window and he muttered something about running a red light. (I'm pretty sure it was still yellow but whatever). At that moment I burst into tears and blurted out "I'm SO LOST!". Honestly I'm not to sure what he said after that. Something about how running a light wasn't the answer. Then he drove away. I took a deep breath and happened to look to my right. A parking attendant who was witness to the whole thing gave me a double thumbs up and mouthed "yay" to me. I just smiled. I finally found parking and paid $20 for the worlds smallest parking spot. It took me an hour to find that spot!

It was 15minutes before start time when I found Abby and Katie. I had to pee. Bad. We looked for porta potties but saw none so we made out way into the Holiday Inn hotel. Of course the Women's restroom had a line out the door. It was getting closer to the start time so I decided I was probably going to have to run 3.1 miles with a very full bladder. Sounds like fun, right? Someone suggested we check the men's room to see if anyone was in there. There was one person. Shoot. But he came out a minute later. Abby, 2 other ladies and myself ran into the men's room while Katie stood guard at the door. All of the ladies in the restroom were laughing that we all set a world record for peeing fast.

The gun sounded and we were off. The three of us agreed to meet up at the finish line. I started out pretty good and felt I was keeping my pace. At every race I've been to, they have big numbers marking what mile you're on. I never saw the 1 mile mark. I kept going but my stamina was shot. I kept up a walk/run through out but I definitely wasn't running how I had been in my training. By the time I saw the giant #2, I felt like this was taking forever. For whatever reason my right ankle was hurting really bad. I thought I was just starting the second mile. If that was true, I was in trouble. Then I hit the giant #3 and realized the numbers were marking the end of that mile. So I picked up my pace and ran through the finish line. Katie had already finished so she was already there cheering Abby and I on. It was awesome seeing someone I knew cheering me on at the finish!

Katie, Me, Abby
 I saw the clock at the finish and I was disappointed. I wanted to beat the time from my first 5K run back in March. I didn't do it. In fact, I was 1min 13 seconds slower. That is almost more frustrating. If only I had pushed a little harder, I would have beat it. I struggled the whole afternoon/evening with being disappointed with my time. I finally decided I will only compare races. I am feeling better about it now. In March I will run the "Finish Chelsea's Run" for the second time. I am determined to beat my 35min 58sec time.Next December I will run the Bumble Bee 5K again and I will beat my 37min 11sec from this year's Bumble Bee 5K.

I am accepting that I can train, hydrate, fuel my body etc and still have a bad run day. Sometimes those will fall on race days. I am also trying to remember back to the very first run about a year ago.I felt like i was going to die when I was done. Running for 60 second and walking for 90 seconds was so hard. A year later, I've completed 3 races!

Thank You to everyone that has supported me! I know there were a few of you that wanted to be there but couldn't. Others were going to go but I ended up telling them not to because traffic was so crazy. I am pressing forward toward my next 5K race in March.I am excited about it!

Thank you to Abby and Katie for doind the race and being encouraging even after the race. You both inspire me so much!

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